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March 24, 2013

Vocabulary: Unit 1

Filed under: vocabulary — richardlstansfield @ 4:32 am

afford (verb): to have enough money to buy something or enough time to do something

allergic (adjective): when someone becomes sick or develop skin or breathing problems because they have eaten certain foods or been near certain substances

boy (interjection): used when you are excited or pleased

broke (adjective): to not have any money

by the way (phrase): used when you say something that does not relate to what is being discussed

gym (noun): a building with equipment for doing exercises

hang out (phrasal verb): to spend a lot of time in a particular place or with a particular group of people

karate (noun): a sport from Japan in which people fight using fast, hard hits with the hands or feet

laundry (noun): the dirty clothes and sheets that need to be, are being, or have been washed

laundromat (noun): a place where you pay to use the machines there that will wash and dry clothes

night owl (noun): a person who prefers to be awake and active at night

only child (noun): a child who has no sisters or brothers

vegetarian (noun): a person who does not eat meat for health or religious reasons or because they want to avoid being cruel to animals

weeknight (noun): the evening or night of any day of the week except Sunday and usually Saturday

work out (phrasal verb): to do exercises to make your body stronger

wreck (verb): to destroy or badly damage something


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