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April 8, 2013

Unit 3: Health

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Watch the video. What is he doing to be healthy? You should find eight (8) things.

1. running/jogging (at 0:06 and 1:53)

2. skipping rope (at 0:21 and 1:21)

3. push-ups (at 0:25 and 0:50)

4. boxing (0:35)

5. lifting weights (1:00 and 1:25 and 2:25)

6. sit-ups (1:05)

7. chin-ups (1:35)

8. running up stairs (2:12)


Page 22, Exercise 1


What does each person do to be healthy?

Brian Jones …

– doesn’t eat junk food.

– doesn’t eat red meat.

– does karate.

Carmen Sanchez …

– drinks diet drinks.

Mei-ling Yu …

– walks everywhere.

Michael Evans …

– eats a lot of snacks.

– doesn’t exercise at all.

Lisa da Silva …

– eats anything she wants.

The Parks …

– exercise six days a week.

– go swimming every other day.

– go to the gym every other day.

– go hiking once in a while.


Grammar: Simple Present and Present Continuous

Page 23, Exercise 2, Part A

1. A: How do you cope with stress?

B: Well, I’m taking a course in aromatherapy right now, and I’m enjoying it. But everybody in my family is pretty relaxed. We don’t get stressed very often.

2. A: What kind of exercise do you usually do?

B: I like swimming. My wife and I usually go to the pool every day in the summer. Right now it’s cold, so I’m not swimming at all. But my wife goes every day, even when it’s cold.

3. A: Are you eating a lot of fast food these days?

B: Well, I love it, but right now I’m trying to eat a balanced diet. It’s hard because my husband doesn’t like fruits and vegetables.


Page 25, Exercise 4, Part A

Join the phrases to make sentences that are true for you. Use “when” or “if” and an adverb of frequency.

100% always — almost always – usually — often —
sometimes — rarely — hardly ever — never 0%


1. have a fever / take medicine

When I have a fever, I rarely take medicine.

2. get a stomachache / stay in bed

I almost always stay in bed if I get a stomachache.


Read your sentences to each other.

If you are similar, respond with “too.”

If you are not similar, tell your partner about yourself.


A: When I have a fever, I rarely take medicine.

B: Me, too.

A: I almost always stay in bed if I get a stomachache.

B: Oh, really? If I get a stomachache, I hardly ever stay in bed.


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