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April 14, 2013

Vocabulary: Unit 3

Filed under: vocabulary — richardlstansfield @ 9:08 am

checkup (noun): a general medical examination to see if you are healthy

chill out (phrasal verb): to relax completely, or not allow things to upset you (informal)

cut down (phrasal verb): to eat or drink less of something, or to reduce the amount or number of something

give up (phrasal verb): to stop an unhealthy habit or stop having something unhealthy

how come (phrase): used to ask about the reason for something, especially when you feel surprised about it (informal)

rash (noun): a group of small, red spots on the skin

runny nose: when your nose is producing liquid all the time

symptom (noun): a physical feeling or problem which shows that you have a particular illness

vinegar (noun): a sour liquid that is used in cooking, often made from wine

vomit (verb): when food or liquid that was in your stomach comes up and out of your mouth

yoga (noun): a set of exercises for the mind and body, based on the Hindu religion


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