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May 8, 2013


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Youtube: a website that allows people to show videos they have made.
Billboard: a very large board on which advertisements are shown, especially at the side of a road.
Dance: to move the body and feet to music.
Unique: being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusal, or special in some way.
Drugs: any natural or artificially made chemical that is used as a medicine.
[1] Psy debuted in 2000 with ‘새‘(’bird’) of the album “PSY… From the Psycho World”. but he paid a fine because his album included inappropriate contents.
In 2001, Psy was arrested for smoking marijuana. So he had to pay five million won and was forbidden from appearing on TV. But fortunately, during the 2002 World Cup he was interviewed by chance with the announcer. Thanks to this lucky chance, he came back to TV.


Afterward in September.2002, he released his 3rd album. and its title track ‘챔피언‘(’Champion’) was a great hit.
Psy was treated as an exception and finished his military duties at one company in 2003-2005. But he was involved in draft irregularities. Because he received unfair privileges and he worked poor. Eventually he was told to reenlist in the army.
In 2009, he finished his military duties.


Psy’s most popular song is Gangnam Style. Gangnam Style ranked second on the billboard chart for 7 weeks. It is the best record in the history of korea and the second-highest record in Asia. Also his music video gained huge popularity worldwide. After His music video was released on the Youtube, the video received more than 2 million views in only two month. Also many hollywood star mentioned this music video on their Social Networking Services so more people were interested in Psy. Psy’s dance in music video also gained huge popularity. It called ‘Horse Dance’. People all over the world began to copy the ‘Horse dance’. In this way Psy became famous, so he could debut in America. Psy appeared at the MTV awards and many TV shows in America. Fortunately Justin Bieber’s manager recognized Psy’s talent so manager suggested the formal agreement to him. Psy agreed and he joined a same agency as Justin Bieber.


After that he got more popularity therefore he performed with Mc Hammer at the Times Square in New York. 유재석 and 노홍철 who appeared in Gangnam Style’s music video also performed on this stage with Psy. We think about the reason for Psy’s success. First reason is that his dance is aimed at every age and second is his appearance is unique.
Owing to the popularity Psy released a new song ‘Gentle Man’. This song is getting popularity now and Music Video also become famous. This dance name is ‘arrogant dance’.


Discussion Questions
1) Which song do you like betters, “gangnam style” or “gentleman”? And why?
2) Psy went to thr army twice. Do you think it was fair?
3) What do you think are Psy’s charming points?

12123139 김지민
12133389 한예지
12132355 오지현
12132259 김경택

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