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May 8, 2013

Variety TV Programs

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1. Acronym : a word made from the first letters of other words:
2. Representative : someone who speaks or does something officially for another person
3. Sincerity : honest and saying or showing what you really feel or believe: used to add emphasis when you are expressing a feeling:

4. Sympathize : to understand and care about someone’s problems
5. Opportunity : an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something:


Our presentation is about Variety TV programs in Korea.
There are history of Korean variety programs. In the 1970s, the entertainment is composed of music. Programs were introduced by one singer. For example, ‘Tae Jin A’s show show show’ run only by Tae Jin A. In the 1980s, the trend changed to Gag Programs. People who were made up like fools gained popularity, so many comedian dressed up as fools. In the 1990s, talk shows gained popularity. People liked to hear about stars’ private talk. In the 2000s, there was a very big change. The trend is variety. People like various topics, so many kinds of variety programs began. Nowdays variety programs broadcast about talk, quizzes and games.[1]


First of all, we talk about talk show. There are many talk show programs like Healing Camp, Happy together, 승승장구, strong hears, etc.. Nowdays talk show programs are so popular. Why are talk show programs so hot? I think celebrity’s sincerity is sympathized with. I like Healing Camp. So we will talk about Healing Camp in more detail. MC is ‘이경규, 한혜진, 김제동’ and guest are added. This program films in different places. But a natural background is always used. MC not only listens to star’s troubles but also counsels them on their life. Celebrities use this opportunity to change their image. But it doesn’t always work.[2]


The second type is comedy programs. For example, there is SNL Korea. SNL is an English acronym of Saturday night live. It is broadcast on TvN. Satellite broadcaster. TvN import SNL which stared in 1975 from NBC and takes the same format. [3] SNL is the hottes program these days. It has a standing cast called SNL’ crew. ‘김슬기, 신동엽, 박재범 and 김민교 are SNL crew. Representative features are Global teletubby and 이엄돈’s food x-file. Global teletubby is a feature which satires political situations and the government. And 이엄돈’s food x-file is a parody of 이엄돈’’s food x-file on KBS.[4]


The last type is a reality show. For example 무한도전 is a popular reality show. There are 7members in 무한도전. 정준하, 박명수, 유재석, 길, 정형돈, 하하 and 노홍철, 무한도전 gained people’s affection with novel ideas. 무한도전 was the first reality show in Korea. Although 무한도전 was discontinued for nearly 6 month by MBC strike. It is the most popular reality show in Korea. [5]


Discussion Question
1. Do you like other variety programs except for these programs? which ones, and why?
2. Who are you favorite members in 무한도전? And why?
3. What are some criticisms of Korean variety programs?

Class #121
Group #2
강진혁(12132512) 이도은(12132571) 김원상(12132527) 김제은(12132529)


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