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May 13, 2013

girl’s group in k-pop

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charming : pleasant of attractive
sailor : someone who sails ships
debut : when someone performs or presents something to the public for the first time
ucc : user created contents
agency : abusiness that provides a service

2. Text

– what was the first girl’s group?
The first girl’s group was babyvox in 1996. babyvox had five members and their 3rd album was a very big Hit in 1999. After babyvox, SES and Finkle were very famous girl’s group. later today are many girl’s group


– why are people crazy about girl’s group?
Because girl’s group songs are very fresh and addictive for example girl’s generation ‘Gee’ and wondergirls ‘tell me’ and girl’s group dances are addictive too. people do a girl’s group dance and upload self-made videos. so all around the world people show girl’s group dances and songs and girl’s group make korean wave.

– girl’s group from other counties
There are many girl’s group in USA. TLC sing a song many genre (POP, RnB, HipHop) and pussycat dolls is very famous group all around group. and deanity kane, The Supremes. also U.K girl’s group is spice girls, atomic kitten, sugababes.


Girl’s Generation

-The member’s of Girl’s Generation are Tae-Yeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Soo-young, Yoo-ri, Hyo-Yeon, Yoon-A, Seo-Hyun. They have a lot of Hit songs. The Debut song of Girl’s Generation is “Into the new world.” in 2008. “Gee” and “Tell me your wish” were on amazing hit in Korea in 2009. “The boys” and ” I got a boy” are other hit songs. Recently They made a sub-unit group called Tae-Ti-Seo. Their song “Twinkle” is popular too.
Their entertainment agency is SM-Town. The master of SM is Lee-Soo-Man. In SM-Town, Their are many popular singers, SuperJunior, Shinee, Fx and so on.
Their fashion is famous too. When “Gee” was a hit, simple T-shirts and skinny jeans was on amazing hit too. And when they were singing “Tell me your wish”, The sailor look was also a hit.


I) members
There are 4 members in Sistar : Hyo-Lin, Da-som, Bo-ra, and So-Yoo.
Bora was born in 1990. She is good at rapping.
She is 165cm tall, Her charming point is acting charming.
Hyo-Lin was born in 1991. She is good at singing.
She is 164cm tall. Her charming point is powerful high note.
Da-som was born in 1993. She is good at singing.
She is 167cm tall. Her charming point is cute face.
So-Yoo was born in 1992. She is good at singing.
She is 168cm tall. She has a critical charming point called “bagle” in Konglish : baby-face and voluptuous (in Konglish : “glamour”)

ii)Hit songs
Gone not here anymore(2013) – Sistar19 : a sub unit group of Sistar
Loving you(2012) – Sistar
Ma boy(2011) – Sistar 19
Alone(2012) – Sistar

iii)Entertainment agency
Sistar belongs to Starship Entertainment.

iv)Color of Sistar
They are not only sexy but also have powerful vocals.
Their director, Brave Brothers, is top class at composing in Korea.

2NE1 is a very famous korean girl group. The group consists of CL, Bom, Dara, Minzy. They belong to YG Entertainment, that world star psy belongs to. Their first appearance was in “Lollipop”, a commercial advertisement with Big Bang. Right after, 2NE1’s formal debut was on May 6, 2009, with the debut single “Fire”. Since then, they released a lot of hit songs such as “I Don’t Care”, “Go Away”, “Lonely”, “I Am the Best”, and “Hate You”. Moreover, they won the “Song of the Year” award at the 2009 and 2001 Mnet Asian Music Awards with “I Don’t Care”, and “I Am the Best”.
2NE1 is not a pretty, or cute girl group. But their songs and fashion are better than any other girl groups.
3. referrence
4. Discussion question
(1). Who is your favorite girl group member? why?
(2). What’s your favorite girl group song? why?
(3). What do you think are some of the problems with girl groups?
5. class #90
group 8
12101303 장인수
12101139 곽성엽
12131325 박준석
12132012 장영종

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