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May 13, 2013

Hair Styles

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1. Glossary
1) plait: to twist three pieces of hair, rope, etc together so that they form one long piece
2) temple: the area on each side of your head in front of the top of your ear
3) layer: to arrange something in layers
4) crumple: If something such as paper or cloth crumples, it becomes crushed, and if you crumple it, you crush it until it is full of folds.
5) abundant: existing in large quantities.
6) compact: small and including many things in a small space

2. Text
Our presentation is about Hair styles.

There are different kinds of cuts in hair styles. There are some differences between men and women. Men’s haircuts include Two block, Scratch, Mohawk, No hair and Little hair. Two block Is cutting hair at the temples and back very short. Scratch is making shapes on the head through cutting the hair shorter and shorter. With a Mohawk, the sides of the head are shaved, and the remaining hair stands up straight. No hair is no hair.
Women’s haircuts include Wolf, Shaggy and Short. Wolf cut is Just like a wolf. Shaggy cut is similar a wolf cut. But the hair is layered, with shorter hair on top and longer hair below. [1]



There are perms in hair styles. Perms include Misskorea perm, Grandmother perm, Baby perm, lovely perm, Jesus perm and Foil perm. Jesus perm is a normal men’s hair styles. This style has long hair and the front hair is parted in the middle. Foil perm uses aluminum foil to make a perm. Roll the hair with aluminum foil and crumple it. And then perm it normally. Grandmother perm has very short hair and has zigzag-shaped curls. Misskorea perm was famous in my mother’s generation. The style has very long and abundant hair. Baby perm and lovely perm are the most general perm styles. But Baby perm is more compact than lovely perm. [2]


Dyeing, Special

There are dyeing in hair style. Dyeing includes Two tone, One tone and Tint. Two tone dyeing uses two colors and this style has two types. One type divides hair into an upper part and a lower part. And then dye each part a different colors. Another type divides the hair into an inner part and an outer part. And then dye each parts different colors.


Hair Cuts

There are some unique hair styles. Unique hair styles incudes Sandara style, Pony tail, Braid one’s hair and Pig tail. The singer of korea Sandara Park has very special hair styles. They are Palm hair, Half shaved hair, Apple hair and so on.. Pony tail is hound like a horse’s tail. Pig tail is Mongolian’s hair. It shave all hair except back hair and plait in a long tail behind. [3]

3. References

4. Discussion questions
1) What do you think about the hairstyle called “scratch”?
2) Do you want to change your hairstyle to a popular hair style? Why or why not?
3) What do you think about Sandara Park’s unique hair styles?

5. class #: 90
group #: 6
Member’s names: 임진우, 최승희, 최진주, 하정빈

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