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May 13, 2013

Inha University

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– Our presentation is about INHA University. –

• Glossary

1. microorganism : a living thing that on its own is too small to be seen without a microscope
2. felicitate : to wish joy to; congratulate
3. dormitory : a large room containing many beds, especially in a boarding school or university
4. billiard : a game played by two people on a table covered in green cloth, in which a cue (= a long stick) is used to hit balls against each other and into pockets around the table
5. ambience : the qualities of a place and the way it makes you feel

• Text


There is the most beautiful lake in Inha University. The Lake’s name is In-Kyoung Lake.
Located right at the heart of the Inha campus, In-Kyoung Lake is one of the most popular on campus markers. This lake has many microorganisms. Also many students dive into In-Kyoung Lake on their birthday. [1]

There are many buildings in Inha University. The most beautiful of them is Jeongseok Memorial Library. Jeonseok was built most recently and has many beautiful flowers and trees. So Jeongseok was shown on the TV show ‘Running man’. [2][3]

Also there is a dormitory where students live. The first dorm is Woongbijae. The second dorm is Biryongjae. The dormitory has resturants, gym, a billiards room and a table tenis room. [4]


The Flying Dragon is the mascot of Inha University. It can be viewed from many places on campus, because of its great height. [5]


The most famous thing about Inha University is its festival and back gate street. One famous things is festival, Dea Dong Jae. It is the main university festival. All colleges, departments and student clubs participate in the festival and hold various events including bar and programs. There are programs that Dunking device, games, dance performances.[6]

Another famous thing is the back gate street. The back gate has delicious foods and enjoyable entertainment. Delicious foods are waffles and chicken that are cheaper than at other places. Entertainment are board games, billiards and karaoke that have many special service.
But the most important thing is a bar. Bars have a lot of delicious food and many ambience. So anytime, you can go to a bar that has the mood. You want like this there are many things in Inha University excepting these things. [7]

• References

• Discussion Question
1. What things about Inha University make you proud?
2. What kind of festival activity do you like?, And why?
3. Do you like Inha’s festival is fun ? why or why not?

• Class # 90
• Group # 3
• Group member’s name 손다은 이선희 이지환 조경범

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