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May 13, 2013

Korean Celebrities

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1. compile (verb) : to collect information and arrange it in a book, report, or list
2. devastate (verb) : to destroy or damage something very badly
3. wage (verb) : the amount of money a person regularly receives for their job
4. advantageous (adjective) : helping to make you more successful
5. admiral (noun) : an officer of very high rank in the navy


Korean celebrities
Our presentation is about korean celebrities.

There are famous kings among korean celebrities. The most famous of them is king, se-jong. The most well-known of se-jong‘s achievements is the korean alphabet, called “훈민정음”. One upon a time, korean people used chinese characters but they had difficulty with communication. So se-jong had pity on people. And he made a new letters. It’s han-geul.

In addition, he compiled a korean version of a book on how to develop agriculture, “농사직설”. It was a agricultural revolution for Joseon Dynasty. A farmer could do double with 농사직설’s style. So they were not hungry.

And there were famous generals during the Joseon Dynasty’s middle period. At that time, Joseon was at war with Japan. This war was called the Imjin War. The Imjin War devastated Korea. Then he suddenly came to wage war His name is Admiral Lee soon-shin. Thanks to him, the war at sea went better than the war on land. He blocked Japan’s supply route.

Also, his strategy was different with other generals. One of them is sea fight of Myung ryang called “명량해전“. That sea fight was a perfect victory for Joseon. After that war, all japanese were afraid of Admiral Lee soon-shin. After the supply route was blocked, the war was more advantageous.
How did the Admiral contribute to winning the sea fight? That`s because his ships looked like turtles called “거북선“. turtle ship was very revolutional weapon. Before turtle ship was made, all ship was not covered by iron. But It`s covered by iron! Besides the turtle ship had far better abilities and powers than other ships.
Because of contributions of the admiral, Joseon could win the Imjin War. So all koreans respect him.

Now We will discuss most famous scientist of Joseon. His name is Jang young-sil. He made a lot of inventions. One of them was light clock called “앙부일구”. Before “앙부일구” was made, light clock existed. But they were made in China. “앙부일구” was made for Joseon version. It could make improve agriculture. Also, he made water clock called “측우기”


Discussion Questions

1. Who is your favorite king of the Joseon dynasty? why?
2. What do you think about the Imjin war?
3. Do you know any korean celebrities?

Class #90, Group #7, and Members’ names
Members’ names : 이현석 서성민 김민성 송정수


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