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May 13, 2013

Korean Celebrities

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celebrity : a famous person

secretary general : The secretary general of an organization is its most important official

hold : to have a particular position in a competition

hit : to reach a place, position, or state

variety : many different types of things or people


Our presentation is about Korean celebrities. There are a lot of different kinds of Korean celebrities in variety parts. For example, Music, sports, Politics and so on. First let us tell you about Music. There are solo artists in Music. The most famous solo artist is PSY. PSY was famous for “Gangnam Style”. His follow-up song “Gentle Man” also got popular.[1] Rain is another famous solo artist. His famous song is “Rainism”. Also he has starred I Hollywood movies and dramas. For example ‘Ninja Assassin’, ‘ Speed Racer’ and so on.[2] There are also many group in Music, called K-POP. We can drive them into Girl groups and boy bands. Amongst Girl groups “Girl’s Generation” is most famous group. ‘Gee’, ‘Mr. Taxi’, ‘Oh’ and so on were huge global hits. Amongst Boy bands “Bing Bang” is the most famous. ‘Fantastic Baby’, ‘Blue’ and so on were hits in Korea.[3]

싸이 소녀시대

Second, in sports there are lots of celebrities. Ji-Sung Park, Yuna Kim, Chan-Ho Park are the most popular sports players. Ji-Sung Park is one of the best soccer players in Asia. He has played in Manchester United, one of the best clubs in the world.[4] Chan-ho Park was a baseball player, who had played in Major League Baseball. He won 124 games.[5] Yuna Kim is a world star player of figure skating. She holds the record for the highest score.[6]

박지성 김연아

Last, do you know who Ki-Moon Ban is? He is the secretary-General of the UN. He is the first East Asian secretary-General of the UN.[7] And Dae-Jung Kim is another Korean celebrity, because he received the Noble Peace Prize. [8]

반기문 김대중


▶Discussion Questions
1. Who’s your favorite sports player? Why?
2. Do you think Dae-Jung Kim deserved to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
3. Which song is better, ‘Gangnam Style’ or ‘Gentle man’? Why?

Class# : 121
Group# : 3
Group members : 원서희(12132357) 윤지상(12132367) 이정범(12132385)


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  1. It has wrong sentence- Also he has starred I Hollywood~~~ please erase I between Starred and Hollywood.

    Comment by 윤지상 — May 24, 2013 @ 3:20 am | Reply

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