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May 13, 2013


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1. glossary
*Crease : a line on cloth or paper where it has been folded or crushed
*position : the place where something or someone is often in relation to other things.
*male : describes men or boys.
*poll : a study in which people are asked for their opinions about a subject or per son.
*responsibility : something that it is your job or duty to deal with.

Our presentation is about men.
There are so many kind of male hobbies.
Men’s hobbies are baseball, soccer, and League Of Legends.
Men usually like to see soccer matches and to play soccer. Soccer teams that men like are Real madrid, FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona. and Hamburger SV.

soccer team picture

Almost all men like KIA team which is a pro-league baseball team.
All men like League Of Legends. League Of Legends have positions which are : Jungler, Top soler, Mid liner, Supporter and AD carry.
Almost all men like women. But sometimes, men like men. We do not, maybe.
When men meet women for the first time, men usually look at women’s legs, skin, and eyes. Men prefer thin legs, clean and white skin and big eyes.
According to pools on our group, 50% of men prefer white skin, 25% of men prefer big eyes, 25% of men prefer thin legs.
The parts of the body that men think are important are : legs, hair, and skin.
Men think legs should be strong, hair style should be tidy, skin is clean like Song-Jung-Ki.


Men must go to the army for two years. Men lose two years.
but men have the responsibility of protecting their nation.
So men are good guys.

3. reference

real madrid :
FC Bayern Munich :
FC barcelona :
League of legend :
AD carry

4. discussion question.

*What part of men’s body do you think women look at the first time?
*what do you think about the fact that Korean men must be in the army for two years? For example, is it too long or too short?
*what is your favorite sport?
*what do you think about men who have creased double eyelids?


Class #121
Group 1
Member’s names : Kim Yong Su, Jung Jong Young, Lee Moon Hyoung,
Sin Hwan Ho

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