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May 13, 2013

The Heroes of the Avengers

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* Glossary *

establish: to start a company or organization that will continue for a long time

agent : someone whose job is to deal with business for someone else

thunder: the loud noise in the sky that you hear during a storm

symbol: a sign or object that is used to represent something

presentation: the way something is arranged or shown to people a talk giving information about something

Our presentation is about the heroes in Avengers.
The Avengers include shield. shield was established by Nickfury. Black widow and Hawk eye are the best agents in shield. Hawk eye is good at shooting bows, and Black widow is Hawk eye’s girl friend and best killer. Captain america is the leader. Captain america wears clothes painted with the symbols of the U.S.A. Iron man is a rich man and scientist, so he made suits. When he made suit, Iron man made Javis, Javis is a computer that has human thinking. Thor came from another planet. Thor’s weapon is hanmmer other people can’t use Thor’s hammer. When Thor hits something with his hammmer, the hammer causes thunder. Hulk is the strongest hero and he is a scientist. Hulk is a green monster. He is always angry.


The Avenger’s enemy is Thor’s brother Loki, he said that I’m a god.

* Class #: 90

* Group #: 4

* Members’ names: 12131979 박민수


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