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May 13, 2013

World Festivals

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1. Glossary
occasion time : a time when something happens, event : an important event or ceremony, an occasions : sometimes, but not often
distinctive Something that is distinctive is easy to recognize because it is different from other things
magnificent very good or very beautiful
spectacle an event that is exciting or unusual to watch, to do something that makes you look stupid and that makes other people look at you
accommodate to provide with a place to live or to be stored in

2. Text
World Festival

Festivals are lively, interesting events. There are many festivals in the world. Also, Festivals are held for many different reasons. People enjoy festivals to celebrate their local culture or religious occasion. They are dress up festival clothes, eat and drink special food, and dance together. Festivals strengthen the bond between local people. And, it is way of communicating for local people.
Now, we introduce ‘Three major world festivals’. These festivals is are Sapporo snow festival, Carnival, October Fest.[1]


Hokkaido is Japan’s northern most island, So, it is the coldest place in Japan. Lot’s of snow falls in winter. Japan have unique ties with their local community. They started the Sapporo snow festival 1950. The festival’s date is 7days in February each year. It’s the largest and most distinctive winter event in Japan. People make lots of statues, snowmen, and other sculptures made by snow and ice. The festival site is Sapporo city-Odori Park, Tsudome-community dome, Susukino-Ekimae dori. Every years, over 2 million people came to see snow sculptures and enjoy the festival.[2]


Carnival is a festival that is famous all around the world. It held in Brazil and Italy from the end of January to early March. Especially, the Rio Carnival in Brazil is most famous. Carnival has a parade is a magnificent spectacle. It includes circus, mask and street party. All the people dress up in fantastic costumes during the Carnival. In the Carnival, Samba parade is the best part. Samba school’s student dancing at the Sambadrome. Also, people dance together in the street. They are cheered by the Carnival, and enjoy Carnival. [3]


October Fest is originally written ‘Oktober Fest’, and originally held in 1810. October fest is a 16days festival celebrating beer. This festival is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. it runs from late September to the first weekend in October.[4] On the first day of October fest, All kind of organizations and many people hold a parade from the movie theater made by wagner to Munich’s office. They make up king, queen, nobles, farmers and so on. Also, famous beer companies in Germany hold beer bars which accommodate about 30000 people in the city square. In this way, October Fest progresses for 16days.[5]

3. References

4. Discussion Questions
1. What festival do you want to go to? Why?
2. If you could make a festival, what themes would you want to make for the festival?
3. What festivals have you visited? tell me about your experience.

5. Class #, Group #, and Members’ names
Class 90, Group 5
12082504 조윤주
12132676 한솔기
12132650 김지수
12132670 장한솔

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