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May 14, 2013

ALOHA and Guten Tag

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1. pearl : a small, round object, usually white, that forms around a grain of sand inside the shell of a sea creature, especially an oyster. Pearls are valuable and are used to make jewellery
2. structures : he way in which the parts of a system or object are arranged or organized, or a system arranged in this way:
3. highway : a public road, especially an important road that joins cities or towns together
4. brewery : a company that makes beer or a place where beer is made
5. limit : the greatest amount, number, or level of something that is either possible or allowed

Our presentation is about hawaii and Munich.
Waikiki beach is a famous place in Hawaii. Many people in Waikiki Beach sulf.[1] Famous reasturants of Waikiki are chees cake factory and egg things and CPK(Califonia pizza kitchen).[2][3] Also Hawaii has speacial foods. For example Musbi and Ashhi ball and Hamburger etc.


Hawaii is famous for its natural landscapes. For example pearl harbor, Hanauma Bay, Kailun Beach etc. Hawaii consists of many islands. Honolulu is a capital in ohau islands.


Munich’s landscape is very beautiful because of River Isar and tradition structures. Specially these structures are something noble and grand. Munich is almost made of these structures.


Octoberfest is a very famous festival in the World. That is a beer festival in Munich. Many people like this festival. They can drink many beers and eat sausages.[4] Famous pubs of Munich are HOFBRAUHAUS and Haxnbauer. These places are very expensive. But they are loved by visitors. HOFBRAUHAUS is a very famous beer brewery. That is a time-honoured brewery. Also Munich is famous for cars and the autobhan. BMW company is located in Munich. Car museum in BMW company is a favorite with many racers in the world. Autobhan is a highway in Germany. There is no speed limit on this highway. These places are a favorite place too.


Discussion Questions
1. Would you like to visit Munich?
2. Do you want to eat Hawaian food?
3. Do you like to travel?

Class #28
Group #8
강경남, 임채영


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