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May 14, 2013

Best Restaurants

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1.mussel:(noun) a similar fesh water bivalve mollusc which forms Mother – Of – Pearl on the insede of its shell
2.visionary(adj): showing of marked by great foresight or imagination.
3.greasy(adj): having on oily appearance.
4.worthwhile(adj): worth the time, money or energy expended.

Today, We will introduce “Chinese Best Restaurants”
First, The best Chinse Restaurant is Norlan Jambong in Bucheon. This restaurant’s fomous dish is jambong. This Jambong has very hot and spicy food, and often has mussels. This restaurant gives a lot of mussels in Jambong. so Many celebrites visti Norlan Jambong.(Example, Yu Jae-Seok,Jeong Ju-ha and so on.)
This Restaurant’s Jajang is very delicious too.
Next, WE looked for the best “pork belly restaurant.” The best “pork belly restaurant” which we ivestrigeated is chakhan donsamleene in Yeokgok.
Catholic university is near by Yeokgok, so its strudents enjoy eating at this restaurant. Many people would like to smell kimchi and hear the loud sound of people at this restaurant so pork belly doesn’t taste the same as normal and they bake vegetables and kimchi in rice. It has nice ambience and tastes delicious.
Third We will introduce the best Italian restaurnat in Hongik University.
The restaurant name is “friu-ri Benechia”. This restaurant’s best merit is that we can eat pizza with endless refills. If we order spagetti to each person we can eat pizza with endless refills. First this restaurant gives garlic bread and special sauce. This special sauce looks like just oil but this is sour and nice – tasty.
Next they give spagetti and pizza. This dishes looks like visionary and is very tasty.
Finally, We present best restaurant in Inha’s Universtiy. This restaurant’s famous dish is Ramen. Ranmen is kind of noodle and similar to Korean Romen.
This restaurant name is SanJJo-e. This restaurant’s Ramen is nice tasty and greasy but this Ramen has a little greasy taste. so we can order spicy Ramen and this restaurant has bowls of rice topped with pork. We can see the dish’s cooking process. This is very surprising. You have to look directly to go this restaurant.
Through this report. We can look for many best restaurant. We feel worthwhile and funny. Lastly, We hope that you’re going to this restaurant and you feel worthwhile.

discussion question
1.Do you like mussels? Do you like Jambong spicy soup with noodles and sea food? Would you like to go to a restaurant that has both?
2.When you have a meal, do you prefer a crowded,noisy restaurant on a quiet restaurant?
3.Do you want to feel Italian smell with unexpensive price? If you have tenthausand won, you can feel eating meal in Italy

name: 윤상현 12130442 조시영12130302 유재석 12130436 박병욱 12130386


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