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May 14, 2013


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1)excavator : a large, powerful machine with a container connected to a long arm, used for digging up the ground
2)compact : small and including many things in a small space
3)whopping : extremely large
4)automotive : relating to cars and car production
5)fiber : cloth made from thin threads twisted together

history of cars
(1) In 1569, S.stepin made first windcar.
The car could run 34km per hour. but the car couldn’t run without wind
since then, N.J.Kwinyo made steam car.
Primally, The car moves in the power of the machine But the car run maximum 5km per hour. and the car didn’t have any brakes.
Trevithick made excellent steam car. It had brakes. the car ran 18km per hour. Also 3 people take a car.
In 1876, G.Daimler , K.Benz made gasoline car. people said; “their Father of the car system” their made car company. their company name is Daimler-Benz AG.
Today, this company is very famous.


sizes and kinds of cars
There are three sizes of cars.
First, big cars. Big cars can do many things. If you want to drive big cars, you must have a driver’s license. For example, dump truck, Bus, excavator, cement mixer transport truck, etc. Excavator is used for civil engineering. They have drills and dig into the ground with their drills. Cement mixer transport cement. Because cement becomes solid, cement mixers mix cement while transporting it.
Second, middle size cars. Middle size cars are useful. For example van, limousine, truck, etc. Vans take lots of people. They are used by academy for carry students. Limousines are long and nice car. It also expensive. So limousines take people who are famous or rich. Trucks transport heavy stuff and lots of people.
(2) Last, small size cars. It is used by family. For example, car, compact car, etc. Cars pick up four people. Usually they take people to academy, school, and tourist destination.


most price and speed of cars
Do you know the most expensive car sold? That is Lamborghini Sesto Eleanor Mentor. It sells for about 3billion won. Sesto Eleanor Mentor means carbon’s atomic number 6 in italian. Most of the bodywork is made ​​of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and its body weight is only 999kg. and This car is limited to 20. If there is an expensive car, and there are cheap cars. Cheapest car of product of car companies is TaTa Nano. Nano, Tata Motors, India’s largest car maker, launched in 2008, were sold at a price of 1 lac (244 million). For Productivity and cost savings, the side mirrors and wipers only one exists.
(3) The speed is element a car that can not be missed. of a mass produced car, the fastest car is Bugatti Veyron Super spot. The top speed of this car is about 409 km / h. But Tires run more than 30 minutes, let it melt. Another feature of this car is the acceleration. it is reach to 100km per hour in 2.5 seconds. As possible in order to reduce the resistance of the air, the body was made very smooth.



Discussion Question

1.Do you like speedy cars? Why or why not?
2.What is your favorite car size? Why?
3.What do you think are problems with the price of cars?

김영민(12130948) 심영택(12130994) 윤용현(12130446) 임형진(12131060)

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