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May 14, 2013

Delicious restaurant of Inha University

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1.Crunchy : Crunchy food is hard and makes a noise when you eat it.

2.Moist : Slightly wet, especially in a good way

3.Soy Sauce : A strong, tasting, dcurk? brown liquid. mad from fermented soya beans and used especially in Chinese and Japenese cooking.

4.Steam : to cook food using steam

5.Fusion : an occasion when two or more things join or are combined


There are a lot of delicious food stores near Inha University.
First, In the street there are many delicious food. For example, Waffle and Fruit juice and Egg bread, Hot dog and so on.
People like them. because they are cheap and delicious. Waffle’s price is only \1,000. one side is covered with a lot of sweat cream.
and the other side with cholate, cinemon, apple jam and do on. That is very sweat and very delicious.
There are many kinds of Fruit juice. For example, 딸+레,딸+바, 모+파, 오렌지, 청포도, 토마토 and so on. The prices vary, and depend upon the kind.
Second, there are many different country’s food. For example, Chinese or Japanese food. 취엔(Chui-en) is “expensive” chinese restaurant.
“찹쌀탕수육” is the most popular menu in this restaurant. that is fried pork with red hot sauce?(소스 단어 확인). This makes it different from other ‘탕수육’
(탕수육 is sweet-and-sour pork). This is fusion food. Between pork and pork, there is Korean tranditional food ‘떡'(rice cakes)
우라차차(Woo ra cha cha) is Japenese resturant.There are many Japenese menu items and taste is very simular to real Japenese food.
Third, Koreans love chicken. So there are many chicken restauarant in inha university. 오빠닭(Oppa dak) is chicken cooked in an oven.
The chicken’s skin is crunchy like fried chicken.But inside that, there is most meat that’s low in fat because of the oven. and you can choose
two kind of sauces. People like it because they think this chicken is lower in calories than other fried chicken.
고수찜닭(Goo Soo JJym dak) is also a famous chicken restaurant.”찜닭”(JJym dak) is a korean traditional food, that is steamed chicken with potatos.
Some noodles, onions and so on. This is made tasty with soy sauce, so that taste is little sweet and salty.If you eat mose of the chicken, the waiter will add rice and ‘김’.
And he mixes the rice with the rest of the JJym dak and ‘김’. This may be a little expensive for students, but that can’t make us not eat.
It’s too delicious. Fouth, there are Pomme Frites and Dam Beo Rak and Amigo for diner Inha University.
The main food of Pomme frites is french fries.


It has two charming dogs.Our favorite dish of Dam Beo Rak is Dak Dori Tang(spicy chicken soup)
The Gorgouzola pizza is very delicious in Amigo. Finally, there are Samso, Jukyung Ya Dou and Bul Bbyeo Jim for meat dishes in Inha University.
Many people go to Samso and Jukyung Ya Don to eat samkyupsal (grilled pork belly). Bul Bbyeo Jim is famous for it’s unique style of beef.
Thank you for listening to our presentation !







Discussion Questions

1.What is your favorite restaurant ? Why?

2.If you could make your own restaurant, What kind of restaurant would you make?

3.What is important for you in a restaurant? For example, tast, price, atmosphere, etc.

Class # 152
Group # 8
구정아(12113877) 김은영(12113896) 박정한(12133567) 유성경(12113900)

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