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May 14, 2013


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1. glossary
1) deliver : to take things such as letters, parcels or goods to a person or place
2) memorial : an object, often made of stone, that is built to help people remember an important person or event
3) admiral : an officer of very high rank in the navy
4) technical : relating to the knowledge, machines, or methods used in science and industry
5) accomplish : to succeed in doing something good.

2. text

Our presentation is about festivals.

There are a lot of world festivals. We will introduce about ‘Halloween’ and ‘Word-Cup’. First, We will talk about ‘Halloween’.


This festival is an event that is held every year on Oct,31th. In this day, people dress up as famous characters or what they want. And children visit someone’s houses and say ‘trick or treats’.[1] Next, we will talk about ‘FIFA World-Cup’. ‘FIFA World-Cup’ was originated in 1904 at France. This festival is held once every four years. During this period, 32 national soccer teams compete for the championship. The next world-cup will be held is 2014, in Brazil.[2]

There are many festivals in Korea.


We will introduce about ‘Busan movie festival’, ‘Do-ja-ki Expo’ and ‘Cherry blossom’. ‘Busan movie festival’ is held every year in Oct in Hae-oon-dae beach. During this festival, there are a lot of famous people in Busan. The Busan International Firm Festival(BIFF) started First in 1996 and was held is every October since. It goes for about 9 days from the First thursday in October. It`s purpose is to find new writers and it seek a vision of Asian movies by supporting them.[3]
‘Gwanglu royal dojaki festival’ is held in every May at Gyeonggi-do in Gwaongju. You can see beautiful Dojaki. Dojaki is korean traditional dish that is made with earth and fire. At this festival, you can not only see Dojaki but make it yourself. Dojaki made by you is delivered to your home.[4]
‘Jinhae Gunhangje’is called usuaally ‘Cherry blossom festival’. Theis festival is held every year in April in Chang-won city. Many people have information about this festival as related to cherry blossoms. But actually it is held to memorialize admiral ‘Sun-sin Lee’ who accomplished Victory in naval battles.[5]

Next we will introduce about “Inha UNIV festival’.


It is held every year in May. This festival is called ‘Dae-Dong-Je’. During this festival period, there are a lot of bars in In-ha UNIV. Those bars are run by students. And there are many performances. So, famous singers or entertainers come for In-ha UNIV students.
And last we will introduce about’In-Kyeung-Je’ There are a lot of sports match festivals in In-ha UNIV. ‘In-Kyeung-Je’ is a sports match festival just for the Technical college students there ar tow kinds of events, online computer games like League of Legends and Cartrider, and sports competitions like football, footbaseball, basketball ect.


4.discussion questions
1) What is your favorite festival? why?
2) If you participated in ‘halloween’, What would you want to be? Why?
3) Which country do you think will be the winner in the next world-cup? Why?

5. CLASS#28
Members’ name: 12123114 김부경
12131192 정세정
12131119 김선웅

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