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May 14, 2013

Health & diet

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(1)Metabolism : All the chemical processes in your body, especially the ones that use food.
(2)Anchovy : A small fish with a strong, salty taste.
(3)Pelvis : The group of bones that forms the area below your waist and above your legs and to which your leg bones are joined.
(4)Palm : The inside surface of your hand.
(5)Abdomen : The lower part of a person’s or animal’s body, containing the stomach, bowels, and other organs, or the end of an insect’s body.
(6)Dumbbell : A short bar with a weight on each end that you lift up and down to make your arm and shoulder muscles stronger.
(7)Strengthen : To make something stronger or more effective, or to become stronger or more effective.
(8)Tofu : A soft, pale food that has very little flavour but is high in protein, made            from the seed of the soya plant

Do you like health? diet? It is important to live a healthy life for a lifetime. So we will present about healthy life.


First, we will talk about the health categories. The health is exercise that makes our bodies strong and builds muscle. There are 4 kinds : abdomen, chest, back, arm&leg. Each category has an exercise. Abdomen is most important of the 4kinds because it can fascinate girls. A typical exercise of abdomen is sit-up. Every body knows how to do sit-ups. (1) lie on the floor. (2) raise your upper body. (3)lower your upper body.[1] This exercise seems easy but we don’t look down on this exercise. The next exercise is chest exercise. Having a big chest makes men look masculine. A typical exercise of chest is push-ups. Push-ups also well-known exercise. (1) they are done by lying with your face towards the floor. (2) push with your hands to raise your body until your arms are straight. (3) bend your arm to lower your body.[2] The next exercise is back exercise. It is very difficult and can take a long time to look better. Chin-up&down is the best of back exercise.[2] This exercise is dangerous, so we have to be careful. The last exercise is arm&leg. Arm&leg exercise is very diverse. Using the dumbbells is a basic exercise. (1)stand up your body. (2)grab dumbbells with both hands. (3)lift and lower the dumbbells.[3] This exercise are simple and easy. Also, effect is fast.

[6] [7]


Second, we will talk about the precautions and foods for health. You have to keep in mind some precautions. When you exercise for muscle mass or diet, you have to warm-up. Warming-up makes your temperature high and stimulates blood circulation. Also when you warm-up, your exercise effects increase. After warming-up, you must stretching. If you have stretching, you can dispel the tension of the muscles, enable free movement, widen radius of action, and activate metabolism. If you don’t have stretching before exercising, you may have muscular pain and blood suddenly very fast. So you can be very dangerous. There are some of stretching.
1.Turn the wrist, ankle, pelvis, knee
2.Bows body forward, after sit back and outstretched legs
3.Touch the floor with the palm
4.Open arms, jump lightly at the same time.(Jumping jack) [4]
If you do these stretching before the exercising, you can prevent the accident happening when you exercise. There are some foods for health。 High protein foods(for example, chicken breasts, beans, and meats have a lot of protein.) is good for enhancing your muscles. Muscles almost consist of protein. So when you strengthen your muscles, eating high protein foods is helpful. If you have to diet, you eat low-calories, high-satiety foods. Vegetables, tofu, and autumn squash have little calories. But you experience satiety. So these foods help for your diet. High-calcium foods like anchovies, milk, and oyster help your bones to be strong Because bones almost consist calcium.



 Third, we will talk about daily exercise. Daily exercise is so easy and free that you don’t need too much time. In daily exercise, there are two kinds. The first one is indoor exercise. Where does someone do daily exercise? If you are at home, the living room and bedroom are possible. In the living room, you can do exercises with the sofa. For example, Sofa Abdominal muscles Training! In regular sequence, you sit on the edge of the sofa. Next, put your hands behind you, on the sofa. Then raise your knees up to your chest If you do this exercise, you will strengthen your abdomen. Also, another example is workplace. Although you sound strange, in the break time(at each gap) you can do light exercise! For example, if you work for a long time, you might be backache or neckache and so on. Then, stretch your body! Do it, and you solve ache problems. The second one is outdoor exercise. As you know, running, jogging or doing exercise with fixtures in the park are good example. Even though outdoor exercise is more tough than indoor exercise, you can get more effect about heart, lung. Because at least outdoor place has more fresh air than indoor place.
We should try to exercise!!! Health is the best present.


4.Discussion questions
(1)Do you like to exercise? what kinds of exercise do you like?
(2)Do you eat fewer calories to lose weight? why or why not?
(3)Which part of your body do you want to strengthen?

5.Class #, Group #, Member’s names
-class 28, group 5
-12091454 김정환, 12130254 윤명식, 12131012 윤정현

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