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May 14, 2013

Inha culture street

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(1) calligraphy : (the art of producing) beautiful writing, often created with a special pen or brush
(2) console : to make someone who is sad or disappointed feel better by giving them comfort or sympathy
(3) handheld : describes something that has been designed so that it can be held and used easily with one or two hands
(4) bean sprout : a bean that has just started to grow and is eaten as a vegetable
(5) withdrawal : an act of taking something back, removing something, or moving something back

Our presentation is about Inha culture steet.
Inha culture street can be divided into 4 kind of topics. First, it has many varieties of food stores. For example, there are Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Italian restaurants. We can recommend rice house, Kongbul(콩불), gorila(고릴라) about Korean restaurants. Rice house is famous for its cheap price. We can eat rice again and again for only 4000won. The menu items are Korean traditional soup, bulgogi(불고기), etc. In Kongbul(콩불), We can eat bean sprouts with bulgogi(불고기). It’s a little spicy. It satisfy the Korean taste buds. But, if you cannot eat spicy food, you had better eat another food. In Gorila, they sell hot soup that use chicken and vegetables(dakbokkeumtang : 닭볶음탕) and chicken soup with ginseng and other ingredients(samgyetang : 삼계탕). They add something like cheese, curry and marine products in dakbokkeumtang. You can choose and eat according to your preference. There are Japanese restaurants called ‘오겡끼데스까?’ , ‘동방견문록’ and ‘싼초메’. In 오겡끼데스까? and 동방견문록, we can eat sushi, rolls, udon and fried breaded cutlets. In 싼초메, we can eat Japanese traditional noodles called ramen. 인하반점, 취엔 are famous chinese restaurants. They sell black bean sauce noodles(jjajangmyeon: 자장면) and chinese style noodles with vegetables and seafood(jjamppong : 짬뽕) and etc. It’s so delicious. Also, Inha street has Vietnamese and Italian food. There is a covered cart that sells rice noodles, which is a traditional food of vietnam. About Italian food restaurants, there are ‘Pastario’, ‘Casa Olive’ and ‘이딸리아’ that sell spaghetti and fire pot pizza. Also, there are ‘’. is the most expensive restaurants in Inha culture street.


Second, we can use diverse convenience facilities. we can take photo and buy cosmetics, medicines, glasses. Also, we can print some hand-outs. Besides, we can go to the bank and hair shop. We investigated every facility’s location. Optician’s shop, Convenience store and Bank are right across the traffic lights. Hair shop is locate in the entrance culture street. Photo studio situated in the cultural street from the center of the left. And cosmetics store is placed in the left side of cultural street.
Third, it has many places to play. For example, there are amusement arcade, ping-pong, board cafe, Internet cafe, karaoke, bowling. In In-ha culture street, there is a ‘플스라이프’. In 플스라이프, we can play wii. Wii is home video game console released by Nintendo. It has many advanced features compared to previous consoles. For example, the primary wireless controller(the wii remote) can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions.[1] we can use wii when we have only 1100won per 1 hour. It has some Side effect that is arm ache. Pool is a game in which two people use long, thin sticks to hit colored balls into holes around the edge of a table. Bowling refers two a serious of sports or leisure activities in which a player jumps and throws a bowling ball.


Finally, we can enjoy a lot of desserts. There are many street store that sell things like fruit juice, cup cake and pound waffle. Also It has many cafes. For example, there are 콩 볶는 다락방 and Wannachu. 콩 볶는 다락방 is famous for roasting coffee beans. And we can eat churro with coffee in Wannachu. There are franchise stores which are Starbucks, Ediya, Angelinus, and Cafebene etc. Besides, we can eat walnut cookies, waffle and fresh fruit juice called drug juice.


Therefore, Inha culture street has many kinds of things. so Inha’s students can enjoy those things.

3. References
Cafe Photo :
pool : naver image

4.Discussion questions
(1) what do you eat for dessert?
(2) what is your favorite kind of shop in Inha’s back gate? For example, hair shop, etc
(3) Can you play pool? Who taught you?
(4)Which is the best useful facility in Inha culture street? For example, restaurants, desserts, playing facilities, convenience.

5. *Class #152
*Group number #3
*Group member : 류주현(12133647), 황근주(12133775), 조소정(12133104), 배진경(12132993)


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