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May 14, 2013

Introducing our hometowns

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1. Glossary
hot pot:Typical hot pot dishes include thinly sliced meat, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings, and seafood. Vegetables, fish and meat should be fresh (asia food)
cheng du:Chengtu, is the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China
sanmenxia:The city lies on the south side of the Yellow River at the point where the river cuts through the Loess Plateau on its way to the North China Plain.
yellow river: is the second-longest river in Asia,located in china
Seashell:a hard outer layer of a marine animal, found on beaches

2. Text
our presentation is introduce our hometowns!!!

My hometown is oido in korea (jaeho)


oido was located in Siheung-si ,oido is close to incheon
oido is originally island but now connected by bridge
#symbolic icon

Every year held in fall
since 2005 oido seashell festival was held for local economy, Every year many people are coming to taste the specialties of the Oido typical food is parrot fish and shellfish. In addition to food, you can enjoy the performances.

oido close the sea
you can eat seafood
especially famous food is shell!!
If you want to eat seafood
Come to Oido!!

in short
My hometown is a great city to live!!!
come to oido~!


Our hometowns are chundo,sanmenxia in china( shiyueyue,donghaowen)



Cheng du, is the capital of Sichuan
cheng du were developed agricultue because cheng du has mild climate and favorable natural conditions
Chengdu is the starting point of many national highway and Sichuan-Shaanxi, Sichuan-Tibet, a major way to the Sichuan-Yunnan passage

The city is located at the west end of the Henan Province, Henan Province, Shaanxi Province,Shanxi Province is located at the meeting point of.

#symbolic icon

Dujianyang (cheng du)
Was created in 256 BC. This is irrigation system
surprisingly today is used this is world heritage

Sanmenxia dam (sanmenxia)
sanmenxia dam located in mountain along the Yellow River,Is the largest dam in China, very important dam in china this is worldheritage


Cheng du
Sichuan cuisine puts strong pepper flavor typically wood or spicy peppers.
Chinese cuisine is strong and spicy flavor



Use a lot of onions.
The pork is the most common ingredients.
Cooking will change depending on the season.
The dishes are made in a variety of ways.

Cheng du


4. Discussion question
1.Have you been gone to oido?,how did your feel?
2.what do you think about chendo?
3.Have you been gone to china? how did your feel?
4.what is your favorite city in china?
5.what is your hometown?,introduce your hometown
6.what do you think about our presentation?

5. class:#152
group 2
12124798 동하오원
12124794 석월월
12133880 김재호


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