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May 14, 2013

Korean Food

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1. insredient : a component of a mixture or compound
2. intestine : the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus
3. representative : serving to represent or typify
4. traditional : consisting of or derived from tradition
5. nutritious : of or providing nourishment

Korean Food
Good afternoon. we are group number 7. and our topic is korean food.
The presentation will be divided into 5 parts : traditional korean food, street food in korea, and some korean local dishes, the representative food of korea, and some korean drinks.
Let’s take look at some korean traditional food.
First, Tang-pyeong-chae was very rare, so only kings could have it. And Jab-chae, which is made from Dang-myon(noodles), we usually eat this food in a party or on a festive day. The Jeon(Korean pancakes) is eaten on festive day too.


There are many kind of Jeon. For example, Kimchi-jeon, pa-jeon, haemul-pa-jeon….
Next, I’ii introduce Korean street food. The Ddeok-boggi is the vest of all. It’s ingredients include a long and thin rice cake, and sugar, red pepper sauce and so on. All koreans know Ddeok-boggi. Next is Ohdaeng. Ohdaeng is easy to cook. It is simply made from seafood. The sundae is nutritious. It is cooked pig intestines with dang-myeon. And the twigim. twigim is fried food. It makes great harmony with Ddeok-boggi.
Now, I’ii show you some local korean dishes. Each region of korea has it’s own to taste this food. In Hamheung, Naeng-myeon iced buck wheat noodles is representative food. It has a special and unique style. In Andong that has various cultural assets, Jjim-dak is a best food. Jjim-dak is chicken with vegetables, Dang-myeon, and soy sauce.
And I will talk about the representative food of korea.
Kimchi is one of the most familiar food to koreans.


It has many kind of flavors, but most of them are spicy. Bul-goki is pork that is a little bit spicy but sweet so it’s really suitable for koreans.
On the other hand, there are many kinds of representative sauces In korea. one is red pepper sauce. It’s made from red peppers and adopted to almost all spicy korean food. the other is Doen-jang. It’s made from beans.
Let’s move to the next topic. It’s the final topic, Korean drinks.


Mak-geo-li is one of the most traditional korean drinks. It’s main ingredient is grain. and it’s color is white. su-jeong-gwha is a love this drink.
Now our presentation is finished. I encourage you to love korean food because korean food has good value. Thank you for listening. Good bye.


*Discussion questions
1. What kind of korean food do you like? why?
2. Can you cook any/some korean food? Have you ever cooked korean food?
3. What do you think about korean food?
4. Did you already know about the food that we described? What did you already know?

*class #, group# and group member
group member: 강예나(12133623), 김정은(12133639), 원하정(12133664), 홍리라(12133771)

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