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May 14, 2013

Restaurants of Inha’s back gate that taste good

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There are korean restaurants in Inha Back Gate.
First, We introduce the delicious korean restaurants in Inha Back Gate. The most delicious korean food restaurant is 내 찜닭. 내 찜닭’s menu is smothered chicken in sauce. The taste comes from soy sauce, hot sauce, sweet sauce and so on. The most delicious taste is soy sauce, but this is expensive for students.
Second, We will introduce the cheap food restaurant. The restaurant’s name is 봉구스 밥버거. The average price is about 2500 won. It gives rice in a round shape .This is convenient to eat in a hurry. So When the line draws very in the lunch time.
Last, We will introduce the traditional korean restaurant. The restaurant’ name is 석이네. There are the many and traditional food in 석이네. For example, the doenjang jjigae kimchi jjigae bulgogi in the menu,and etc.When the food of the mother misses, Students get to go to a 석이네 restaurant always.
It was the introduction on the korean food so far. And we will introduce the new food of the kind now. the new food of the kind is street food. The street food including waffles, tteokbokki, fries, sundae.
The street food is delicious in inha Back Gate.
First, The most popular waffle store is 파운드 와플. This waffle store’s waffles are only 1000won. And this waffles are include fresh cream. The crean is the reason people come to this store. Because this is very sweet.
And then other street food store is 버무리 떡볶이.
버무리 떡볶이’s menus vary. Menu is tteokbokki, fries, rice balls, and kimbap. You can eat it easily in a short time. If you eat rice when you do not have much time, it will be a good source of information. Do you know Egg bread? This is the Egg Bread! Egg bread is delicious as well as high nutritional value. Also the price is the only 500won. Therefore you can eat without worry about money.
Finally there are fresh fruit juice store. Fresh fruit juice shop is located next to Egg bread shop.
This shop rather giving pre-made juices than makes immediately after receiving your order.
So it is very fresh and cool. For dessert, a glass of fresh fruit juice is a good idea!
The place which is more famous and is tasty than these restaurants is abundant in Inha Back Gate.The many studants would better have an interest in the hidden famous restaurant.

1. do you like soy sauce? If you don’t like soy sauce, what do you like sauce?

2.what is your famous restaurant in inha back gate?

3.what is the name in the hidden famous restaurant ?

1.convenient: suitable for your purposes and needs and causing the least difficulty

2.smother :to make a fire burning by covering it with something

3.abundant: existing in large quantities.

4.tradictional: following the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time:

5.vary: If things of the same type vary, they are different from each other

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