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May 14, 2013

The damage of Internet bullying

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The internet world is getting bigger and bigger because wireless-internet has been activated and SNS (Social Network Service) has appeared. In spite of that, many people are damaged by internet-criminality, and it does not have organized rules. Chief of all, internet bullying is the worst crime. Internet bullying is behavior that leaves or spreads bad messages (slander, swearing, vicious rumor, etc.) on a personal blog, homepage, internet board, or comments. We are going to talk about the cause of damage of internet bullying in Korea.
In Korea, many people are getting much more damaged by internet bullying. Many people use the internet, Korean internet speed is the fastest in the world and many people can use the wireless-internet everywhere in Korea (Coffee shop, shopping center, etc.) so they use internet services very easily. These are the reasons why many Koreans are getting much more damaged than other country’s people. Many Korean entertainers have killed themselves because they drew a keyboard warrior ’s fire very easily. This is a typical example of the damage of Internet-bullying; a Korean famous actress ‘Jin-sil Choi ’ killed herself in 2008 because of a business woman. She spread many vicious rumors about Jin-sil, and those were spread from person to person. Jin-sil could not make it stop and the rumors were getting twisted badly. She fell into confusion for many years. Finally in 2008, she could not control herself and then killed herself. She is not only person who was an easy target for internet bullying but also many other entertainers killed themselves because of internet bullying.


SNS (Social Network Service) – Social networking service or social networking site
Keyboard warrior – This is a new word who is a term used for internet bullies. The keyboard warriors were attacking them and they kept going until now.
Jin-sil choi – Picture from ;

Internet bullying does not have any certain rules, which is why people are doing it easily without any guilt. This chart was categorized by ages, it shows which age groups are doing the most Internet bullying. Over 54.3% were teen and young people in their twenties. It shows that the keyboard warriors are young ages.



Why are they doing internet bullying? This chart shows that according to a survey the reason of teenager’s internet bullying is 31.2% of the people wanted to get revenge to another person and 30.9% people did it for fun. 18.4% of people said, if they do internet bullying, they get rid of stress so they do it. The other reasons were that they wanted to bother others. 10.8%, out of habit4.3%, to get attention2.8%, sense (feeling) of superiority 1.5%. Teenagers do not have a mature mind. In other words, they are insensitive, not recognizing that internet bullying is bad.
When they got attacked by internet bullying, they did not do anything and they could not make it stop by themselves, which stressed them. That is not all. It is getting worse and worse.


Chart from -


We need rules or laws about how to use the internet pleasantly. Let us give an example; a real-name system . But it can make the problems like a freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is also very important these days but we think the most important thing is protecting us from the internet bullying. It must not be accepted anymore and nobody should get hurt by internet bulling.

1. Have you ever been an Internet bully?
2. How do you feel when you see internet bullying?
3. If someone left bad comments on your website, how would you feel?
4. What do you think about the “Real name system?”
5. Do you think that the “Real name system” disturb your freedom of expression?

Group 4. 12103232 서에스더 12132910 곽지원
12133646 노신나 12133083 임하나


Real Name System – The Real-name System is that when a user wants to register his account on blog website or BBS, he is required to offer the ID card, certain credentials related to identities and his real name to network service online. / From :


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