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May 15, 2013

Famous Places in Seoul

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1. Glossary

• structure
WAY [C, U]
› the way that parts of something are arranged or put together
› a building or something that has been built
• connect
› to join two things or places together:
› to see or show that two or more people or things are involved with each other:
› If buses, trains, aircraft, etc connect, they arrive at a particular time so that passengers can get off one and onto another:
› to make it possible for two people to talk to each other on the telephone
• historical
› relating to events or people in the past, or the study of history
• traditional
› following or belonging to the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time without changing
• exotic
› unusual and often exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from far away, especially a tropical country

2. Text
Our presentation is about famous places in Seoul.
There are structures in Seoul. The most famous of them is the 63 building.


There is a sky lounge and an aquarium in the 63 building. In the sky lounge, we can see a complete view of Seoul. And we can see a lot of marine life in the aquarium. For example, sharks, penguins, king crabs, and so on.[1]
Another famous structure of Seoul is N-Seoul tower. There is a cable car and many locks for couples. The cable car is connected to Mount Nam. Many couples go to N-Seoul tower to use locks to show the strength of their love. Both of them are famous date places.[2]


Gyeongbok Palace is a famous structure in Seoul, too. The palace was built during the Chosun Dynasty. In Gyeongbok Palace, there is a beautiful pond, called Gyeonghoeru.


Around Gyeongbok Palace, there is Gwanghwamun and Sungnyemun. All of them are wonderful, traditional, and historical.[3]
Next, there are many parks in Seoul. Examples of them are Children’s Grand park, Yeouido park and Lotte world. There are many animals in Children’s Grand park. We can see and touch the animals and it gives kids a good observational experience.[4]
And then, Yeouido park is in the middle of Yeouido. Broadcasting stations like MBC, KBS are next to Yeouido park. So the park is a popular set. And there are many people riding bicycles in Yeouido park.
And the biggest amusement park in Seoul is Lotte world. There is Gyrodrop, Gyroswing, Atlantis, biking and so on. Also, there are many kinds of festivals and parades.[5]
Last, some of the streets in Seoul are also famous places. One of them is Sinchon street. There is Hongik, Yonsei, Ewha University in Sinchon, so many people are there.
Itaewon street is also famous. One of the distinctive things of Itaewon is that there are many foreigners . So Itaewon is traditional but exotic.
Myeongdong street is also famous place. Many couples have a date there. Myeongdong is known as a dating site. Particularly, Japanese go to Myeongdong to buy clothes and cosmetics. So clerks in Myeongdong are good at speaking Japanese.

3. References

4. Discussion Questions
•Why do many couples use locks to show the strength of their love in N-Seoul tower?
• What do you think about traditional palaces. Are they boring or are they interesting?
• What do you think is the most famous place in Seoul, and Why?

5. Class #, Group #, and Members’ names
Class 59, Group 7, 이용수, 엄정욱, 이예진, 김재호


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