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May 20, 2013

About k-pop

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broadcast: television or radio programme
commercial: intended to make a profit
overstate: to talk about something in a way that makes it seem more important then it really is
popularity: the quality o being liked by many people
potential: may become one in the future

Our presentation is about k-pop. K-pop is Korean pop music.
There are many singers such as psy, kara, girl`s generation, jyj, and big bang. They have many fans because they are attractive. They are talented, so they are famous in korea and other countries.


The Korean wave started in Japan and spread to Southeast Asia. Recently k-pop began to get popularity in America and Europe. Because of the k-pop boom, many audition programs began[2]. For example, Superstar K, Voice of Korea, K-pop star, Birth of a Great star have been broadcast.



These programs also help to promote the Korean wave K-pop has many good effects. [1]First, k-pop introduces korea music style to America. K-pop enhanced national prestige and k-pop helps the korea nation financially. We get money from concert tickets or albums.
Also they sell goods about k-pop. But k-pop also has a bad effects. K-pop`s popularity are overstate. For example, In korea article, there are many overstate part. And k-pop is used in commercials[3]. They concentrate on money. So many fans complain. We have to know these bad effects and solve this problem.
In short, k-pop made Korean culture trendy and creates enjoyment. So k-pop a lot of potential.



4. Discussion questions
What`s your favorite k-pop song?
What do you think about Audition program`s competitions?
What do you think about k-pop`s future?
5. Class#152
인태영, 심성보, 김수연, 황수민

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