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May 20, 2013


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# Class number 59
Group 5 백인혁 조민철 강영묵 김도현
we will present about movies
our team’s topic is movies. we seperates the movies. by genre are SF, action, horror, ramance, comedy,+19 etc.
let us introduce our topic.
first, SF means science fiction movies, for example iron man, avatar. Iron man was a very hight grossing movie. the newly opened iron man 3 is a big hit in korea.[1]

Avatar is a 3D movie. This movie’s famous quote is “I see you.”. Avatar was parodied around the world. In korea, Avatar parodies were often seen on TV shows. For example it is “GANG vatar” and “hot brothers”.[2]


Second, action movies have characters who use violence to accomplish a goal. For instance matrix or mission impossible.
There are many religious influences in “the matrix”. Famous scene is this.[3]


Mission impossible’ s main actor is tom cruise. Who is he?
Now, we will teach you. He is a celebrity because of action movie’s. his masterpieces are Minority Report, war of the worlds and mission impossible. [4]


Third, Horror movies are produced with the aim of stimulating the curiously of the audience and bringing horror and fear. Many people enjoy horror movies because they are thrilling and scary.
Fourth, this time is fantasy time. Fantasy movies usually focus on novel.
Simply you think Harry potter and the lord of the rings.
Two masterpieces that consist of many series that are loved by people.

Fifth. adult movies that is designated as not appropriate youth to view it.[5]
Is a movie for adults, ps my partner, is the content of love. this movie is that depicts frankly
that between the men and women. [6]

Sixth, comedy genre are loved by all men, all women, all order, all children and all people.[7]
Comedy film is made in the genre of the movie with an emphasis on humor, and tease out a laugh from the audience. Comedy movie called three idiot is a piece of India. The contents about worry of future dreams that we has experienced it.


1. what kind of the genre at movie do you like? and why?
2. what a movie that you think masterpiece? the most recent. what you watch movies? and how about that?
4.What do you prefer in foreign movies or korean movies? and why?
5. Who is your favorite actor? Then, what famous films of the person?

# vocabulary
Parody(verb): a film, book, etc that copies someone else’s style in a way that is funny
Appropriate(abjective): suitable or right for a particular situation or person
Emphasis(verb): particular importance or attention that you give to something
Masterpiece(noun): a painting, book, or film that is generally considered to be of excellent quality

* Very late *


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