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May 22, 2013

About World Festival;

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김민지, 박성철, 서민비, 신예진
Our presentation is about world festivals. There are many festivals in the world, so we divided it by seasons.
In spring, there are Cherryblossom Festivals in Korea, Keukenhof Festivals in the Netherlands, and Sechselaeoten in Zurich of the Switzerland. First, we will introduce the Keukenhof Festival in the Netherlands. Keukenhof Festival is flower parade show, and people can look at decorations in the park, such as flowers and sculptures. The Keukenhof Festival is held from March 22nd to May 20th in Keykenhof, a park in Lisse, Keukenhof is a compound word ‘Keuken’ means Kitchen, and ‘hof’ means garden. The origin of this festival is flower is when a countess grew vegetables and herbs for the nobility .
Next festival is Cherryblossom festivals in Korea. Korea’s spring is very beautiful because many places are decorated by cherry blossom trees. So, Cherryblossom Festival is held in many regions in Korea. This festival first started when Korea was a colony of Japan. Japan planted cherry blossom trees in Chang-gyeong Palace to make the Koreans feel calmer.
Last spring festival is Sechselaeoten in Zurich of Switzerland. Sechselaeotenmeans the sound of a bell at 6 o’clock. This festival held to celebrate the coming spring on April’s third Sunday and Monday. At 6 o’clock, they ring a bell and set fire to Boogg, which looks like a snowman.
In summer, there is Rio-carnival from the end of February to the beginning of March in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Rio-carnival in held for four days, and plays Samba parade. It’s one of the three most famous festivals in the world. The word carnival comes from the Latic word for “Carnelevamen”. Rio-carnival originates with purpose enough eating and drinking to supply nutrition.


And Naadam festival in Mongol is held from July 11th for three days. July 11th is Independence day of Mongolia. Ering Gurvan Naadam means ‘the three important matches. It is the formal name of the Naadam festival. The three important matches are wrestling, archery, and horse race. Origin of this festival is that Genghis Khan, who established the great empire in the Far East and the Middle East made soldiers wrestle, shoot an arrow, race horse to celebrate themselves.
Also there are many mud festivals in Korea. But the Boryeong Mud Festival is the most famous mud festival. According to research, mud is good for one’s health if placed upon the skin. I think it’s fun. But I don’t want to do it!
In fall, Halloween is a yearly celebration in many countries on October 31th. It origins are from the harvest festivals on Celtic Samhain. Typical Halloween festivals include costume party in school, Trick or treating and Jack O’ Lanterns.


And Thanks Giving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in the U.S. and Canada as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. and on the second Monday of October in Canada. Thanks Giving Day has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, but has long been celebrated in a more secular manner as well.
In winter, there are the most famous 3 festivals. One of them is Harbin Ice Festival, established in 1985, is held annually from January 5 and lasts for over one month. The first ice lanterns were a winter-time tradition in northeast China. During the Qing Dynasty, the local peasants and fisherman often made and used ice lanterns and put them outside their houses or gave them to children to play with during some of the traditional festivals.
And the Sapporo Snow Festival is a festival held annually in Sapporo, Japan over seven days in February. The snow festival began in 1950, when six local high school students built six statues in Odori Park. The subject of the statues varies and often features an event, famous building or person from the previous year.

snowflower festival

*Discussion Question
1. Do you like festivals? Why or why not?
2. What’s your favorite kind of festival? For example rock festivals or movie festivals?
3. Do you think Korean festivals are well-organized or not?

1. celebration : when you celebrate a special day or event
2. celtic : relating to the people of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
3. sculpture : the art of forming solid objects that represent a thing, person, idea, etc.
4. harvest festival : a celebration that is held in churches and schools in the autumn to give thanks for crops and food.
5. Jack O’ Lantern : a light made from a hollow pumpkin with holes cut into the sides like the eyes and mouth of a person’s face, inside which there is a candle.

* Very, VERY late! *

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