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June 9, 2013

More About Final Speaking Test

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 Wait inside the classroom.
 The speaking exam has four different conversations. Don’t repeat the conversations. (e.g. Conversation 1 and Conversation 2 must be different.)
 Don’t speak too slowly or too quickly.
 Don’t speak too quietly. (You don’t have to be loud. Just be loud enough for your partner and I to hear you easily.)
 Don’t hesitate or pause.
e.g. “I like … ummm … Halloween best because … uhh … you can put on a … 뭐지? … costume and go to a … 뭐라고? … party.”
If you are trying to remember something, then say, “Let me think …”
 Do not miss your appointment!
I only have one week to test all of my students, so I cannot reschedule. So if you miss your appointment, you miss the test, and you get 0 out of 30%. Also, you will be marked absent for the whole week (3 hours).
 Do not be late!
You and your partner only have 10 minutes for this test. That is only 5 minutes for each student. It is worth 30% of your final grade. So, for every minute you are late, you will lose 6 marks.
If your partner is not there, go into the room anyway. Do not be late because of your partner. (I will do the test with you alone.)

 Give your Presentations Feedback Sheet to Mr. Stansfield at the time of your test.

 If you are doing the test without a partner, you must give Mr. Stansfield a typed copy of your conversations.


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