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November 11, 2013

Alcohol of the World

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Class # 57 Group # 2
1. Glossary
〮distilled beverage: [noun] an alcoholic beverage containing ethanol that is produced by distilling ethanol produced by means of fermenting grain, fruit, or vegetables.
〮chestnut: [noun] a nut that has a shiny, red-brown surface and is white inside
〮infectious: [adjective] an infectious illness can be passed from one person to another, especially through the air you breathe
〮hangover: [noun] a pain in your head and a feeling of sickness that you get the day after you have drunk too much alcohol
〮impurity: [noun] a substance of a low quality that is contained in or mixed with something else, making it less pure

2. Text


We will present about alcohol of the world.
There are representative liquors of each country.
In Korea, there are Makgeolli and Soju.
The alcoholic content Makgeolli is 6 to 7 %.[1] There are various kinds of Makgeolli for each region: Pine nut makgulli of Kapyeung, Chestnut makgulli of Gongju[2]
The alcoholic content of Soju is 19 to 20 %, and Soju is a distilled beverage.[3] There are various kinds of soju for each region: Chamesele of Seoul, C1 of Busan, White of Gyeongsangnamdo, and Hallasan of Jeju.[4]

Japan’s famous alcohol is sake. Sake is made from rice. The alcoholic content of Sake is 14 to 15%. Sake is classified a kind according to the materials and manufacturing methods. [5] It was spread to Japan by people from the Korean Kingdom of Baekjae. That is, the origin of Sake is Korea. [6]

China’s representative alcohol is Kaoliang Liquor. The alcoholic content of Kaoliang Liquor is 50%. There is no hangover because Kaoliang Liquor doesn’t have impurities. [7] You have to be careful because there is Kaoliang Liquor, in which the cheap methanol is included. Bad Kaoliang Liquor can make you lose your eyes. [8]

Russia’s famous alcohol is Vodka. In early days, the alcoholic content of Vodka is 80%. Now the alcoholic content of Vodka is 40%.[9] People drink it to warm their body to endure cold weather.[10] Originally, it was sold as medicine which eased stomachache and suppressed infectious diseases.[11]

Wine is the representative alcohol of France. The wine is separated by color: Red wine, rose wine, white wine. The alcoholic content of red wine is 12 to 14%, white wine is 10 to 13%. This is made from grapes.[12]

Scotch whiskey is produced in united kingdom, bourbon whiskey is produced America, Canadian whiskey is producer in Canada.[13] The alcoholic content of Whiskey is 40 to 43%.[14] This is made from potatoes and grain and this is a distilled beverage. Origin of the word is “Uisge-Beatha”. Uisge-Beatha’s meaning is “water of life”[15]

3. References

4. Discussion Questions
〮What kind of alcohol do you like to drink?
〮What do you think are some of the problems with drinking alcohol?
〮What do you often do while drinking? (e.g. crying, laughing, vomiting etc.)

5. Group members’ names


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