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November 11, 2013


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Do you like Christmas? Most people say “Yes!” Because this holiday is a big event.
Out presentation is about this Holiday, Christmas. Let’s start it!

We all know about that Christmas is a holiday. For most of people, this holiday is cherish event because they spend Christmas with there family. But, for Christian, Christmas is another big event for jesus. Christmas’s origin is jesus birthday. Every year, December 25th is holiday in the world. Also Christmas is close to the year day.
In christmas, we can hear carols. Most carols are friendly and enjoyable.
There are six popular carols. They are : ‘All I want for christmas’, ‘All you need is Love’, ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Santa claus coming to town’, ‘Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘Last christmas’.
There are many things that can symbol in Christmas. But ‘Santa’ and ‘Rodolph’ is a typical symbol in christmas. On christmas eve night, santa gives presents to children who don’t cry and have good behavior. There’s a santa village in Finland. Santa wears red clothes and rides an sled driven by rudolph.
We can hear about Rudolph story in childhood. Rudolph was odd among reindeers. Because it had red and very shiny nose. So the odd rudolph, Rudolph was alienated among reindeers. But because of it’s nose, Rudolph can be santa’s ninth reindeer.
We can also see movies about christmas. For example, we can see ‘Love Actually’. Also, we can see ‘Romantic holiday’ and ‘Home alone.’ Love Acually’s sketchbook scene is popular among people. It is very impressive movie. And, Home alone is series. Until now, it has fifth series. Every year, Television show a christmas special movie program. And this movie is shown on television.

love actually

We can do many things in house or outside in Christmas.
In house, my case, my family usually eat a cake in Christmas. Maybe, many Koean usually decorate their houses by making Chirtmas tree and hanging light bulb on ceiling. For making Christmas tree, they put present boxes under tree or hang stocking on tree to get a Christmas presents. And many decorations are hanged on tree.
Out of house, most of people see movies in Christmas. And the Christian go to a church and take a worship.
And many couples go to popular places to have a date. For example, in Seoul, Myeong-dong is a popular place for having a date. Many events are ready for Christmas in Myeong-dong. Or Some families go to a restaurant and have a good time eating delicious foods.
And many other things are ready for Christmas outside. Many Salvation Armys are collects money for poor people on Christmas. Also, many artists’concerts are planed at Christmas. For example, solo artist like Psy, K will etc have concerts.
And the boy bands ‘2AM’,’10cm’,’Dynamic Duo’,’Busker Busker’ have concerts too.

k.will christmas concert

Until now, we talk about Korea’s Christmas. The contents we talk is typical for us. But, there is a country that have a special Christmas. Which country?
Actually, this country is Australia. Australia has a summer Christmas because Australia season is the opposite of Korea seaon.
Then, How Australian spend Christmas? Look at this picture.
In this picture, people surf wearing Santa clothes. Like in this picture, many Australian spend Christmas with taking a rest sitting in a portable chair, spreading a mat at refreshing beach or enjoying water surface leisure activity. Also, they enjoy cricket backyard in their home. They have cold drinks like beer or champagne.(1)
On Christmas, many event is held. Around Christmas, some house owner decorate their house with light and Christmas ornament. They who decorate well get a prize,
some village was famous for this decoration activity. This village is called Santa village. Every year on Christmas season, the village decorate pretty and well is filled with visitor. For example, North Ryde is very famous for Santa village because of their decorating skill.(2)
As Christmas season is coming, Sydney’s center, townhall and St. Mary Cathedral are changed by razor.(3)
As you look at here, you can see that Australia’s Christmas is very special. And Australia has very special event that Korea hasn’t.
Australia has a holiday called boxing day. It is December 26th. This holiday has a history. In the feudal age, lord put clothes, grain, and tools up a present box and give serf in the next day of Christmas. Lord also give a vacation. On this account, It is called Christmas boxing day. On that day, we give presents for family, neighborhood, and relatives. So, department store have a great deal.(4)
Also, there is a event called Carols by candlelight. This event perform at a one or two town’s park on before or the two weeks before Christmas. At this performance, people bring foods, candle and mat and sit with seeing many performances.
At last, people light a candle and sing Carols together.(5)
There are a many differences between Australia’s Christmas and Korea’s Christmas.
Soon, we have a Christmas. What do you do on Christmas? Have a good time in Christmas with your precious people!



stocking(noun) : a very thin piece of clothing that covers a woman’s foot and leg
Reindeer(noun) : a type of deer with large horns that lives in northern parts of Europe, Asia, and America
Actually(adverb) : used when you are saying what is the truth of a situation
Sled(noun) : a vehicle that is used for travelling on snow
Salvation(noun) : in the Christian religion, when God saves someone from the bad effects of evil


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