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November 11, 2013


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Class #87, Group# 7, group members ’ name :홍민정, 유현준, 유연우

 Publicity: advertising or information about someone or something in the newspaper, on television, etc
 Assimilate: to become part of a group, society, etc, or to make someone or something become part of a group, society, etc
 Transition: when something changes from one system or method to another, often gradually
 Kendo: Japanese fencing
 Libdical: (lip syc(h) + dubbing+ musical ) compound word
1. Text
Our presentation is about Inha’ s Libdical


Here are the reasons that we made Libdical Video.
First,[1] We recognized shortage of publicity. So we felt the necessity of publicity for Inha University.
Second, Next year is the 60th year anniversary of our university.
And We wanted the video that was planned and performed by students.
The supervision was done by 33rd student councils.
The date of making the film was 2 and 3, November
Our official songs were Ulara Session’s “Beautiful Night” and Park Jin Young’s “Swing baby”.
Libdical Video was produced by Team sprea-in.
The team is comprised of a planning team, casting and publicity team.
This video had been planned from September to November.
Publicity was started from casting members.
After casting, the members started to practice their performance.
Participated in video members are about 450 people.


The video consists of 8 scenes.
Sprea-in Team arranged Dancing people and personal participants because of the concept.
The best scenes are Ha na hall, Agora square and unity square scene.
The Scenes flow through the following places : Ha na hall, Jeong Seok Library entrance &stairs, Air plane, volleyball gym, In Kyong lake, Heidegger forest, dragon top and unity square.
Like This, six-minute promotional video was made.
This video will be presented on early December.

2. References

3. Discussion Question
 What do you think is the best scene ?
 What do you think of this libdical ?
 If we filmed this video again, would you want to join us?

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