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November 11, 2013

Marvel’s Heroes

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-aggression : spoken or physical hehaviour that is threating or ivolve harm to someone or something
-cling : to stick onto or hold something or someone tightly, or to refuse to stop holding them
-durability : able to last long time without becoming damaged
-conglomerate : a company that owns several smaller business whose products or services are usually very different
-dimension : a measurement of something in a particular direction, eapecially its height, length, or width

Our presentation is about marvel’s heroes
In general, there are 2 main kinds of sub-topics about marvel’s heroes.
They are : kind of heroes, villains(enemy or rival of heroes)
There are so many heroes, such as Iron man, Spider man, Thor, The X-men, Hulk, and so on in marvel’s heroes

marvel's hero

first, Let me introduce Hulk.
Hulk is a green, huge, and muscular monster.

Originally, bruce was human, but one day he was exposed to gamma ray by genetic accident and turned into a green monster.
after then, Whenever he does not control his mind, he turn into green monster called by hulk.
human bruce was pure and normal scientist, monster hulk was destructive monster.
hulk is one of marvel’s strongest characters, hulk’s characteristic is the natural forces. the more angry, the stronger hulk is.

thunderbolt think that hulk is dangerous about country, he and hulk are engaged in a chase. rocky control hulk to fight tour who enemy of rocky.
however, by unexpected events , hulk formed first avengers confronted rocky.
when hulk left the avengers, iron man banish hulk out of the earth. but he meet his loved woman, and he become a king other planet. he come back to the Earth for revenge and fight other heroes.
after, Hulk form defenders with Dr. stranger, silver surfer, and Namer.

hulk’s feature
1. huge power
hulk can throw out car 10m, mountain and even can destroy the planet 2 size of the earth.

2 great jumping
another feature of the hulk is jumping. hulk’s leg strength can hulk to jump around more then atmosphere.

3. durability
his skin is world’s best shield. bullet and tank and missile can’t hurt hulk.
in addition, the he can survive a nuclear explosion.
and he have quickly healing ability.

he look like very slow, but he can run faster than car. [1]

Next hero is iron man

Iron Man was made by Tony Stark.
Tony Stark is a millionaire. He is also a genius inventor. And Earth saved from danger many times.
In addition to he was superhero conglomerate owner, director, U.S. Secretary of Defense as the core of an active part in political and economic power.
He many Iron Man suit, it is used properly.[2]

Iron Man villains to destroy the world with its ambitions to become the ruler are the super villains.
There is a major villain Whiplash and Mandarin.
Mandarin is most deadly enemy in Iron Man history. Because He is using the power of the ten rings by Monster Ultimo and Dragon Fin Fang Foom and he also leaked by a virus to destroy the world.
Next, Whiplash. He was jealous of Tony Stark. So he made ??a electronics whip (Whether any metal can crack). He worked for criminal organization Maggia and Justin Hammer.[3]

He is very rich.
His knowledge is excellent.
If he does not have iron suit, he does not have power.
However, if the iron the suit, he is very powerful.
Next hero is Spider man


next is spider man
his name is Peter Benjamin Parker
he was just a student like us. however after being bitten by a super spider, he gained superpowers.

there are largely 4 kinds ability
first is superstrenth and speed
he can lift up 10 tons of material, jump up to height of 3 floor building at once and move 40 times than normal people!

second is clinging the wall.
this is most characteristic ability of Spider man. maybe you will come to mind this ability when you hear spider man.

third is shooting wep.
this is not his own ability but device. but as very smart, he invented this device.
shooting range is about 15~20meters. and by using this ability, he can move about 50 meters very fast!

and final is spider sense.
in another word, six-sense. spider sense tell him the danger. so he can be more powerful.[4]

there are several enemies to spider man.

green goblin.
he was father of spider man’ friend. but due to drug which his company invented,
he became green goblin. green goblin can fly by glider. but he died by his glider

lizard man.
he was doctor. after losing his arm, he studied to gain his arm.
so he studied to gain arm. but during the study, he changed lizard man who has aggression. if he become lizard, he can lift 12 tons. and his skin is very hard.
but his weakness is low temperature. [5]

next hero is thor.
Full name is Thor Odinson. He is 193cm tall
He is son of Odin who is king of Asgard, planet of gods
Thor is much stronger than human because he is god
Also he is the most powerful person in Asgard
He can lift up 700 tons and he use special weapon it is hammer and its name is Mjolnir
Only Thor can control Mjolnir [6]
When he use this weapon he can go other dimension, control lightning and climate. but he weakness point is his brain he is a little stupid

According to movie, Thor : God of Lighting
Thor’s rival is he’s half brother Loki
When Thor and Loki attack giant people without permission
Odin realize that happen, Odin kick out Thor to earth
Then Loki became king of Asgard
and Loki send very strong monster to Thor for kill him

Thor beat out that monster and go back Asgard
also he beat out Roki[7]
Then Loki swear revenge…
Next movie Avengers
Loki come back to earth with many minions
Then Shield(earth protect organization) make up Avengers team
Iron man, Hulk, Captain america, Thor, etc.
They protected the earth from Loki’s army
and Loki was sent to underground jail…[8]


4.Discussion Questions
-What do you think abuout power ranking of marvel’s heroes?
-Which hero do you like most?
-If you were a hero, what would you like to do?

5.Class# -57
김병윤, 김수홍, 김영호, 김종구


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