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November 11, 2013


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1. Glossary
1)account: A statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstance etc.
2)popularity: The quality of being widely admired or accepted or sought after
3)candidate: Someone who is considered for something (for an office or prize or honor etc.)
4)emperor: The male ruler of an empire
5)commercial: A commercially sponsored ad on radio or television

2. Text

Have you ever heard of this song? Our presentation is about Psy who is the singer of this song. Psy has not good episode before he became a world star. Here are two stories. 『First, Psy did military service, twice. While he did his military service, he did commercial work. But soldiers shouldn’t do another work during their military service. So he had to do it sadly one more time.』 Second, until recently, Kim jang-hoon was very friendly with Psy. So they often played concerts together. But after Gangnam Style was released, Psy was very famous and busy. So they didn’t play together. Kim jang-hoon was envious and distant, they just grew apart.


Nevertheless, why did Psy get popularity in the world?
『We think that he has a unique style. Also, his individual appearance, interesting choreography, and tireless passion are enough to make a world star. This shows his song such as ‘Bird’, ‘Talent’, ‘Champion’, ‘Gentleman’ and ‘Gangnam Style’. Especially, he gained huge popularity in the world last year with his hit song ‘Gangnam Style’.』 『The song’s music video received over one billion and eight hundred clicks on YouTube. In addition, he is a candidate for the u.s. weekly news magazine TIME’s “Person of the Year 2012”.』


Also, he was known as the “Emperor of concerts” before he became a world star. His concerts always sold out. Why? First, he is very passionate in concert. His passion is enough to impressed the audience. Second, at his concerts many things happen. For example, he disguised as a woman such as ‘Sistar’, ‘Beyonce’. And other famous singers join his concert as the guests. On this account his concerts are very popular. In 2012, Psy presented his album to the whole audience who came to Psy’s concert show which called 흠뻑show. Then he asked audience to raise to his album. Psy directed this performance ‘thirty thousand hours eyes.’


※ Video:

3. References

4. Discussion Questions
1)Do you have unfamous Psy’s songs that you recommend? why?
2)If you were Psy’s, how would you feel when you become hugely popular? why?
3)Why do you think Psy gained popularity?

5. -Class# 87
-Group# 2
-Member’s names
강혜성 (12111194)
오금택 (12131907)
윤미리 (12131996)
이민경 (12131998)

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