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November 11, 2013

Smart Phone Applications

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hang out : spend time in a certain location or with certain people
merit : any admirable quality or attribute
back ground : the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground
utility : used of beef; usable but inferior
reserve : hold back or set aside, especially for future use or contingency

2. Text


Our presentation is about smart phone applications.
As you know, We can not live without smart phones.
It means that smart phones have become important to our lives.
We will introduce four sections of smart phone application which are Internet, Social Network Services(SNS), utility, game.

Nowdays, We communicate with Social Network Services(SNS) such as facebook, twitter and Cyworld. We can upload our life pictures and express our emotions through social network services. Social Network Services(SNS) have many merits.
For example, We can talk with a friend who lives for away.
And we can use them regardless of time and place.
However social network services has defects Social Network Services addition affectes work.
Because of Social Network Services, people are always using their smartphones.
Although, Social Network Services has defects, If we can utiilize their merits, Social Network Services would be useful for people.

We usually view youtube and web-toons through the Internet.
Youtube is a very useful web-site.
With Youtube, we are able to watch videos and movies.
And web-toons are comic pictures on the Internet.
One of the most popular web-toons is Noblesse.
Through the Internet, We can reserve tickets use dictionaries, and go shopping.
Being able to use the Internet through our smart phones makes our lives comfortable.
Additionally, we can reserve ticket, use dictionary, and go shopping.


I will introduce the apps ‘정석학술정보관’, ‘인하대 삐야기’ which are useful in your school life.
Frist of all, with ‘정석학술정보관’ we are able to search book lists and know book lending list, also the browsingroom can be reserved by this app.
So this app is useful for students who have a hard time going directly to the library.
Next is ‘인하대 삐야기’
In this app, we can get information about mid-term exams.
Because we can make chatting room with students whoattends together, and study together.
And there is also a place where we can talk to each other.
We can hang out together, and get a lot of help.

게임 사진

Nowadays, game applications are popular with young people.
Because, there are many interesting games in smartphone app stores and they are easy to buy.
I will introduce an interesting game application.
The game name is ‘OSMOS’. This game gets our attention through wonderful music and mysterious background pictures.
It has purple bubbles, green bubbles and red bubbles in its game space.
This game’s object is to grow to bubble by controlling it.
The player’s bubble can grow eat smaller than player’s bubble(purple bubbles).
But player’s bubble can be eaten by red bubbles.
Green bubble can eat purple bubbles and red bubbles and they can keep growing.
You want to finish quickly because using a lot of time is bad.


4. Discussion questions
If you made a new application for university what would you want to make?
Do you think game have positive effects? / why? or why not?
What is the most useful application for you? / why? or why not?

5. Class#87
우준희, 박우림, 박민수, 최효주


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