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November 11, 2013

World-famous Mountains

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1. Glossary
-volcano : a mount with a large hole at the top which sometimes explodes and produces hot, melted rock and smoke.
-explode : if something such as a bomb explodes, it bursts from with noise and force, and if you explode it, you make it burst with noise and force.
-conquer : to take control of a country or to defeat people by war.
-mountain range : a line of hills or mountains.
-mountain peak : the top of a mountain, or the mountain itself.

2. Text
Our presentation is about ‘World famous mountains’

First, there are three famous mountain ranges. They are the Himalayas, the Rockies, and the Alps.
The most famous mountain range is the Himalayas. It has many high mountains such as Mount Everest, and K2. [1]


Another famous mountain range is the Rockies. It has beautiful nature such as Morain Lake, and Albert mountain .[2]
Third famous mountain range is the Alps. It is the longest mountain range in the world. It has Mont blanc. Mont blanc is 4807m high. [3]

Second, there are two main volcanoes. They are Baek-do mountain, and Saint-Helena.
The most famous volcano is Saint-Helena in Washington, America. This volcano is still active. Saint-Helena exploded and 63people died in May, 1980. [4]
The most famous volcano in Korea is Baek-do mountain. This volcano’s top is famous. And its name is ‘chun-ji’. [5]

Baek-do mountain

Third, there are two main mountain peaks. They are Everest, Matterhorn.
In first, the highest mountain peak in the world is Everest. It is 8848m high. This mountain peak belongs to Himalayas. The man who conquered Everest first was Edmund Hillary. [6] And one of the famous people who conquered Everest is Um Hong-gil. [7]

Um Hong-gil

The other famous mountain peak is Matterhorn. It is 4478m high. This mountain peak belongs to the Alps. [8]

3. References
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4. Discussion Questions
– Do you like climbing mountains? Why or why not?
– What’s your favorite mountain? Why?
– Why do you think many people climb and conquer mountains?

Class #57 Group #6
김달오, 백종연, 엄정욱, 하영수


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