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November 12, 2013


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1. Glossary
1)KBL: Korean Basketball league (=The sports organization that puts 10 professional basketball team of south korea)
2)NBA: National Basketball Association (=the main organized group of U.S basketball teams that have players who are paid for playing)
3)Basketball; a game played by two teams of five players who score points by throwing the ball-through a net that hangs from a metal ring. or the ball used in this game.
4)travelling: An act you play with the ball beyond the limits
5)dunk: In basketball, the shot you snack down on the ring to jump it without taking your hands off the ball

2. Text
We will presentation about basketball. Do you like Basketball? why or why not?
The reason why we chose Basketball is that nowadays many people like basketball a little move than previous generations. So, we will introduce the reason why basketball is interesting. Before answering why basketball is interesting, we will briefly explain basketball’s history.
=> He is j. naisimith.
Basketball was invented by j. naisimith in 1881. and it was modified into its current form in 1894. Basketball has since spread all over the world. and finally
Basketball was officially adopted as on official sport from the 11th Berlin Olympics in 1936. Basketball was first introduced to korea by P.Gillett. He was an american missionary. The korea Basketball Association was created in 1948. and professional basketball league was founded with exorbitant popularity in 1997.
but nowadays KBL’s popularity was fellen. NBA(National Basketball Association) was founded in 1949. and unlike KBL. NBA’s popularity still remains. the reason why NBA is popular than KBL is that NBA had been many superstar such as Kareem Abdol-Jabbar, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. and Now, Lebron James is there, so KBL needs superstars
=>He is Michael jordan. This picture is dunk shot contest.

The reason that basketball is interesting is “The big four.”
First, to play basketball, you need some equipment. for example Michael Jorden shoes, basketball..etc. We can play Basketball anytime, anywhere!
=> This shoes is michael jorden air shoes. this shoes is a prime basketball’s example of marketing.

Second, although basketball has simple rules, it has various performences and great skills. for example dunk shot, Spin move…..etc(et cetera)
Third, By playing basketball, we are able to improve our fitness. especially, Basketball is great for growing children.
Fourth, Basketball needs less space than soccer, baseball, swimming…etc(et cetera)
For example you play Basketball in your front yard or roof top. even, you can play basketball in your home!
If you are acquainted with the big four, you can enjoy basketball anytime, anywhere…
Despite these advantages, many koreans aren’t interested in basketball. Now, We will explain it by comparing KBL with NBA.
First, KBL different from NBA in playing style. KBL often has emphasized teamwork and defensive playing. But, NBA often has emphasized personal abilities and offensive playing. So, NBA is more attracted than KBL to most gallery.
Second, Superstar is less the KBL than the NBA.
one superstar is effective than any other marketing. for example, Composition of Michael Jorden with Reggie Miller. attacted him immense popularity of basketball in the United states in the 1980s. Also, In Korea, College basketball player was very popular in the 1980s. But Nowdays there are no well-known basketball player as Seo janghun, Heo jae.
To rise awareness of basketball, Korea basketball association should hold many events campaigns about basketball. for example, ‘slam dunk champion’,’street basketball champion’…etc.
As a result, people will have interests about basketball!

3. Discussion Question
1. Do you like basketball? why or why not?
2. who’s your favorite basketball player? why?
3. why do you think that the NBA is popular than the KBL?


Class #27, Group #1,

group members : 이원우, 김영화, 하동휘, 소현승


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