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November 12, 2013


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Our presentation is about alcohol.
There are two-main kinds of alcohol for students: They are soju and beer.
Soju is a famous Korean alcohol.
This chart shows preference about soju in Inha University.

And the best foods with soju are pork belly, cow intestines, soup, etc..
Next, beer is a famous alcohol worldwide.
There are many kinds of beer from different countries.
For example, [1]“Budweiser” is a famous U.S.A beer. [2]“Asahi” is a famous Japaness beer. [3]“Heineken” is a famous Netherland beer. [4]“Guinness” is a famous Ireland beer. [5]“Hoegaarden” is a famous Belgium.
Except those beers, There are many kinds of beers.
And the best foods with beer are chicken, potato chips, squid, etc..
Meanwhile, we drink alcohol usually for friendship with friends.
And we drink alcohol to relax tension and awkward from first meeting.
Also we drink after completing our task with light heart.
But we sometimes drink alcohol in bed situation.
For example, if we can’t say in sobered mentality and if we want to forget painful things for a while, we drink alcohol.
Many reasons exist why are we drink.
So we surveyed why people drink alcohol from certain sentiment.
Follow this chart.

Also we surveyed how often people drink alcohol. Follow this chart.

Finally, we can’t say about alcohol without that’s habits.
We have various alcohol habit.
We will introduce what people do while drinking.
For example, sleeping, crying, smilling, singing a song, shouting, fighting people.
Follow those pictures.




Attached pictures.
Alcohol culture is developed in Korea.
We will have a nice alcohol party by good alcohol courtesy and habit.


Intestine : a long tube that carries food from your stomach
Hangover soup : a hot, liquid food, made from vegetables, meat, or fish
Squid : a sea creature with a long body and ten long arms
worldwide : in all parts of the world
survey : an examination of people’s opinions or behaviour made by asking people questions

Discussion Questions
1. Do you like alcohol? Why or why not?
2. What kinds of alcohol do you like?
3. What do you often do while or after drinking?

Class 147, group 7, group members names : 김대현, 장봉중, 조경호, 이우섭


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