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November 12, 2013


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We will give a presentation about backpacking. Our presentation is going to be in four sections. First, I will explain what backpacking is. And I will also show you same items we should get for backpacking. Then, two members of our team are going to talk about some places where they have visited in a row. Finally, the last member will inform you about some tips and precautions for backpacking. So, let’s start our presentation.

Backpacking is a trip with minimal travelling expenses. When you decide to go backpacking, you should prepare some essential items for your trip and travel to your site after putting them in your backpack. Backpacking has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of backpacking is that it is very flexible to plan your travel schedule. On the other hand, you have to collect information about your destination by yourself. Still, think about the fact that, of the many ways to travel, backpacking is good.


Then, what should we get to trip? First of all, the item you must have is passport. It is fundamental thing for your trip. And you must have an airline ticket. You should have reserved it a month (or two month) before. Next, you must exchange your money for your destination’s currency. Maybe you could have credit cards for emergencies. You must pack clothes, socks and underwear. Most of all, you must have backpack!

i’ll tell you about austria and the czech republic. first about austria. Austria is not the same as Australia. it is in eastern Europe. This place is very peaceful. I felt calm when I arrived there. I recommend, as a hot travel place, the musician’s tomb in Wien. There are Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, etc…. I think that this place is good for rest and relaxation.
And what’s more, ‘The Schonbrunn palace’ was located not far a way. ‘The Schonbrunn palace’ has an awesome sight. clearly, you will be a big impressed with that. And a orgel is the most beautiful of many souvenirs. I also bought one thing what an shaped like a dolphin.

the prague castil night view

I’ll tell you the next thing, about The Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is notable for Praha. Praha is the capital of The Czech Republic. Praha become known to koreans through the TV drama ‘Lovers in Praha’ But actually, Praha is dissimilar to TV drama. This city is not always beautiful. Maybe you felt musty air when you step out of the airport. The reason is because The Czech Republic doesn’t have enough water because that place is inland. nevertheless, you will forget what you smelt, and sink into beautiful view. Especially, ‘The prague castle’ offers a breathtaking panorama of Praha. All things in the town are picturesque. And The Czech Republic every bit as famous as Germany for beer.
I actively encourage you to try this before you leave to there. The night view of Praha is so fantastic with beer. I’ll end introductions of travel spots in Europe.

Last year, I went to China. so I want to introduce China for backpacking. China is one of famous sightseeing places. I recommend some places in Beijing for backpacking.
As Beijing is the capital, there are many people, it is not different from our Big cities. There are Tiananmen, The Forbidden City, Wangfujing Street, The Great Wall, Yong-gyeong Valley and Beijing Olympic Stadium in Beijing.

Yong-gyeong valley

Tiananmen is one of four doors to go to the The Forbidden City. In front of Tiananmen, There is the largest square in the world. The Forbidden City is the center of China Qing and Ming dynasties. The feature of The Forbidden City is that there aren’t trees in order to quickly find those who threaten politically. [2] The building in the Forbidden City is very beautiful and magnificent.
Wangfujing Street is downtown like Myeongdong in Korea. There is many things to eat and see. and there are many Korean restaurant. so It feels familiar. The Great Wall is castle in the mountains for preventing outside invasion.[3] It is very huge, long, steep and dangerous. You can go up by walk and ride the cable car. Yong-gyeong Valley is on the hillside. Because there is away from Beijing downtown, you will not feel like that in the city. You can go up the longest escalator and then see emerald valley. you can also ride on a cruise. you can appreciate the valley landscape. Finally, It is Beijing Olympic Stadium. It is so big and beautiful. but you can’t go in. It is so wide park around stadium, so you can see that many people take a walk.
When you eat Chinese food, I want to inform some tips. First, Because Chinese food is oily, you should eat with caution. you may be suffering from an upset stomach. Second, when you order some food, you can say ‘I want to remove xiāngcài’. ‘xiāngcài’ is like a coriander. its taste is so strong, foreigners don’t eat well. Third, Because there are much spices in Chinese food, it is hard to eat some foods.
China has generally gorgeous and big architecture. and Chinese people like red. so you can see these characters. If you go to China first, I think you need to experience the capital of China first.
Lastly, I would like to give tips and precautions when you go backpacking.
I prepared several tips for you planning to go backpacking.
1. Pack your bag simply
Firstly, packing your bag as simply as possible. You might think packing everything you need is the way you will be completely ready for traveling if you never traveled before. But, it is very important to make your stuff light and simple. Because while backpacking, you will walk a lot and if you feel carrying your bag is torturing, you won’t have a choice but to give away your stuff.
2. International student card
Secondly, take an international student card if you are student. This card is quite useful everywhere than you think. In many countries in Europe and Asia, you can get discount of transportation or accommodations for just showing this card and it can be also your identification when you don’t have a passport.
3. Get travel information from people who live there
Many travelers get information from the internet or guide books. But if you really want to have your own special experience, I recommend asking information from local people who live there. They would let you know places which are not known and difficult to be found on the internet, or special local festival which is only not that famous.

1. Always take care of your stuff
It is hard to take care of your stuff while you are amused by some beautiful sightseeing or landmarks. But, there are many thieves especially in these kinds of famous places. And when you lose important items such as a passport or credit cards, that traveling would become a nightmare from that moment. So, I suggest you put your important items in a side bag which is you can see all the time, not in your backpack and never put your stuff out of your sight even that place seems safe.
2. Bring your own first aid kit and have insurance before you go backpacking.
You can be sick anytime, anywhere. And, at this moment, some medical drugs or stuff which you get used to use is very important. In foreign countries, medical stuff is not only expensive but also hard to see what effect they have. If you are not good at other county’s language, bring your own medical stuff. And also, having an insurance is important. When you go to hospital, it would be very expensive in out of your country.
3. Do not go out at the night especially in unsafe countries
It sounds quite obvious, but don’t go out when sun is down when you are in unsafe counties such as China or The Philipines, some people may like to enjoy night view of these counties, but it is dangerous idea. Keep in mind that some countries’ public security is not safe as much as your country is.

So, these are my suggestions for the safe and enjoyable your backpacking trip.

Discussion Questions
1. Where would you like to go if you could go to any country?
2. What kind of food was the most delicious for you?
3. What is the most recommended country?

1. Reserve : [VERB][usu passive]If something is reserved for a particular person or purpose, it is kept specially for that person or purpose.
2. mag•nifi•cent: [ADJ] If you say that something or someone is magnificent, you mean that you think they are extremely good, beautiful, or impressive.
3. Steep: [ADJ] A steep slope rises at a very sharp angle and is difficult to go up.
4. Dynasty: [NOUN] A dynasty is a series of rulers of a country who all belong to the same family.
5. Picturesque: [ADJ] A picturesque place is attractive and interesting, and has no ugly modern buildings.



Class #27, Group #2, Members’ names: 윤치영, 이철훈, 송은지, 강민정


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