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November 12, 2013

Famous Tourist Spots in Korea

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a. Vocabulary
1. Missionary
someone who travels to another country to teach people about the Christian religion
2. Dynasty
a series of rulers who are all from the same family
3. Heritage
the buildings, paintings, customs etc. which are important in a culture or society because they have existed for a long time
4. Observatory
a building that is used by scientists to look at stars, planets, moon, weather etc.
5. Astronomical
An astronomical amount is extremely large
relating to astronomy (astronomy: the scientific study of stars and planets)

b. Text
Our presentation is going to talk about famous tourist spots in Korea.
In Korea, there are 6 provinces, but we chose four provinces: Gyeongsang-do, Jeolla-do, Gangwon-do, and Jeju-do. Seoul and Gyeonggi-do are familiar to us. And our presentation will contain each province’s tourist spots and something to eat.
First, let me show you tourist spots in Gyeongsang-do. Above all, Busan and Gyeongju have a lot of tourist attractions. In Busan, we already know Haeundae beach. It is the largest beach which has soft sand. We enjoy having fun in the water and going swimming. Around the beach, we can go to an aquarium. When you go there, you can see sea creatures from we already know but we have never seen until now. Of course, there are shark, dolphin, and sea turtle. Also, you can go Taejongdae coast.

image1 Taejongdae

When you go there, you can see seashore cliff. If you want to go around the sea, it is the good way to ride the train called ‘Danube’. [1] Also, it is famous for Hocks cold dish, Milmyeon, etc.
Next, in Gyeongju, there are many structures that have been kept for a long time. One of famous buildings is Bluguksa (temple). It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. When you go there, you can see Seokgatap and Dabotap. Moreover, there are Seokguram. It comes under Bulguksa after Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. Another famous structure is Chumsung Dae. It is also designated as a national treasure. In this site, our ancestors watched astronomical phenomena. It is the oldest observatory in the Orient. [2] And, you can eat Hwangnam-bread and rice wrapped in greens

I’m going to introduce Gangwon province. There are very roughly mountainous areas in Korea and a lot of people do not live in Gangwon province. So there are a lot of beautiful places for sightseeing.[3] Introducing representative locations, I have recommended Lake Soyang, Jung-Dong Jin, and Taebaek City. First there is artificial lake, called Lake Soyang, which is between Yanggu County (Yanggu-gun) and Inje County (Inje-gun). It is famous because this lake is big enough to call it “inland sea” in Korea and the water is pure enough to provide capital regions around Seoul and surrounding areas with drinking water. In addition, other famous tour-sites near Lake Soyang are Mt.Obong, Cheon Mi valley, fourth underground tunnel, Eul-Ji Observatory etc. So, it is convenient that you have a look around simultaneously.[4] Also, if you want to eat delicious food, you can find good ones such as Dak galbi and Makguksu around that.

image2 Lake Soyang

Next, I will talk about Jung-Dong Jin. The place is east coast to Seoul. There is a train station which is located closer to the sea. And you can see the beautiful sunrise as well over sea. So, it is famous place visited by many couples.[5]
Finally, I’ll introduce Taebaek City. It was a Mining town but today has been changed by many tourists. The past Mining vestiges are being exhibited in Coal Museum. The city is placed on high Mount Taebaek. So, it is only highland city in Korea.[6] And there are many beautiful mountains. So, you can see the beautiful scenery seen in high place and you can feel cool breeze in the summer (mean temperature: 19℃ in the summer). Since there are many merits as I said, I recommend going on a trip to Teabaek in the hot summer.[7]

let me introduce Jeolla. Jeolla is located in Korea is southwest, so Jeolla is warmer than any other mainland province.[8]
Jeolla’s famous sightseeing place is JeonJu. JeonJu is shaped like a wide flatland where unusual in Korea [9]
JeonJu has many ruins in it as it was called ‘second capital in Jo-seon dynasty’.[10]
JeonJu has many tourist spot. but I choose 3 Han-ok maeul, Gyeonggijeon, Jeon-Dong catholic church
Han-ok maeul is village where we maintain Korean traditional buildings. it started as to resist Japan in Japanese colonial era. it has an atmosphere of mystery due to contrast other western pattern building.[11] even now hundred families live in this village.
Gyeonggijeon is nearby Han-ok maeul. it has the portrait of Lee Seong-gye, the 1st king of the Jo-soen dynasty. it also has good walking trails.[12]
Jeon-Dong catholic church is most beautiful architecture in Korea catholic church. these place is equate to place of born Korea’s first Missionaries.[13]

image3 Gyeonggijeon and Jeon-Dong catholic church

JeonJu is famous to not only tourist spot but also food. all of JeonJu’s food are delicious most famous food is Bibimbab. normal Bibimbab and JeonJu Bibimbab are two different kinds. first is bean sprout. JeonJu’s climate and water quality are suitable to cultivate bean sprout. JeonJu use high quality bean sprout when they cook Bibimbab than JeonJu Bibimbab have good taste. second is yukhoe raw beef. normal Bibimbab doesn’t have yukhoe but JeonJu Bibimbab add yukhoe.[14]

The last place to introduce the audience to is the Jeju island.
As the most reputable of South Korea’s tourist attractions, Jeju island has numerous and beautiful natural heritages.
Along the seashore of Jeju island, there are 21 different walking course, also known as the Olle road. Walking these road is one of the ways to experience Jeju island to the fullest. Every year, many people visit Jeju island merely to walk along these roads.[15]
At the middle of the island, there is the mount Halla. Mount Halla is the tallest mountain in South Korea and there is a lake called Beakrokdam. Looking at the lake at the top of moutain is really wonderful and I highly recommend to do it when you visit Jeju.[16]
At the east-end of Jeju island, there is a large rock that stands awfully high, known as the Seongsan Sunrising Peak, the rock is made out of lava. The rock itself is amazing, but the sight of sunrise from this rock is even more tremendous.[17]
Furthermore, there are many caves in Jeju island, notably, there are Manjang cave and Younchun cave. Particularly, Manjang cave is the longest cave in the world with its 14km lenght.[18]
i’d like to sum it up. thank you

c. References
[3] National Geographic Information Institute, (2006), National geographic information institute- Gangwon province, National Geographic Information Institute, pp.25~30, 75~90
[7] National Geographic Information Institute, (2006), National geographic information institute- Gangwon province, National Geographic Information Institute, pp.75~90, 357~368
[8] MID=F002
[image1 Taejongdae]
[image2 Lake Soyang]
d. Discussion Questions
1. Which province in our presentation do you want to go to? Why?
2. What place in Korea was most memorable for you? Why?
3. When you travel in, which season do you like to travel? Why?

e. class #: 147 group #1 group members’ name: 임성찬, 김혜은, 한준희, 허진구


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