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November 12, 2013

Korean Seasons

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The climate of Korea is characterized by four distinct seasons.
They are spring, summer, autumn & winter [1]


Firstly, spring
Spring begins during the middle of april in the central part of the country and most flowers
blossom in spring.
They are roses, sakura, forsythia, ets.
They are very colorfull
In spring, the temperature rises gradually, and so many yellow sand dust comes from China [2]


Secondly, summer
In summer, daily high temperature often rises to over 35℃ and most people get very busy to
make their bodies look good.
Women diet and men going to the gym.
In summer, it is often raining, mostly in July
July sees many rainy days which are followed by clean skies
Thirdly, Autumn
Autumn is the season with crisp weather a lot of sunlight and change in the autumn leaves.
Traditionally Korean enjoy the season by reading a lot of books and having “Chusoek”(Korean
Thanksgiving Day)
Chuseok is one of most important nasional holidays in Korea
Autumn weather is nice to going to mauntains to look at the colors of the mauntain
Lastly, winter
Winter brings bitter cold and dry weather and occasional snow falls.
Most people likes to go to resorts to enjoy winter sports
They are skiing and snowboarding. [3]


In winter here are 2 important holidays
They are Chirstmas and New Year and every one hopes it snows on those days



Class #27,

용현준 – group 8

1. What’s your favorite season in Korea? Why?
2. Do you like winter? Why or why not?
3. What do you think about Korea seasons?

1. Climate : the typical weather conditions in a particular area
2. Characterized : to describe the qualities of someone or something in a particular way
3. Gradually : slowly, over a long period of time
4. Crisp : cold and dry
5. Occasional : happening sometimes but not often or regularly

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