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November 12, 2013

korean sports stars

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1. Glossary

representative : someone who speaks or does something officially for another person
persuasion : the action of persuading someone or of being persuaded
contribution : something that you do to help produce or develop something, or to help make something successful
circumstance : a fact or event that makes a situation the way it is
establish : to put someone or something into a successful and lasting position

2. Text

korean sports stars

we will present about Korean sports stars. There are so many famous sports stars in Korea. Their fields are diverse.


First, the most successful soccer player is Park Ji-sung. He is the first Korean player who advanced into the English premier league. He became a big star after he made a goal in the 2002 world-cup. He was recognized for his talent by coach Guus Hiddink.
So, he was transfered to Philips Sport Vereniging(PSV) Eindhoven which is a famous soccer club in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, he was successful. Many other big clubs wanted to make him their member. In 2005, he joined Manchester United. Many people are proud of him, because Manchester United is a very famous team in England. He took an active part on the field. So he was recognized for his talent by Manchester United’s fans. He became the object of envy from rising soccer stars. He was held in respect by many soccer fans after his retirement.


Next, Yuna Kim is one of the representative sport stars in Korea. Yuna Kim is one of the most famous and talented figure skaters in the world. She is the first Olympic gold medalist in Korean figure skating history. She was very talented in figure skating since she was a child, and moreover, she spent a lot of time practicing. She started figure skating due to her mother’s persuasion. Despite a difficult domestic environment, she got many prizes and awards during her junior and senior period. She established a new world record at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Not only has she made many achievements in figure skating but, She made many contributions to society through various activities. The achievements that she has made in figure skating are the result of enormous effort.


Ryu Hyun-Jin enters the Major League Baseball this year. He is 27 years old. He was drafted by Hanwha in 2006. He made his debut that year. And then he was top of the Wins, ERA, Strikeouts section. Thanks to his outstanding plays, he won the awards Rookie Of The Years and MVP at the same time. Receiving two prizes together is very hard. In 2008 ,the Olympics was held in Beijing.
Ryu Hyun-Jin was selected allowedly to the KOREA NATIONAL TEAM. He selected qualifying game against Canada and final game against Cuba.
Finally Korea National Team earned the gold medal. And he earned gold medal too. So he was excused from his military service. And then in 2009, he was selected for the Korea National Team again on the World Baseball Classic.
He actually best pitcher in domestically and internationally. Eventually he enters the LA Dogers in MLB. He has high value. His net worth is 25million dollars. He achieved great results in his first season in MLB.
So he rose as one of the Rookie of the years candidates. We want him to be a great pitcher for a long time in the MLB.
In addition, Korea has shined in many other sports fields. First, it has Short Track.
Short Track was in poor financial circumstances. Thankfully, however, Short Track has steadily given gold medals since the 1980’s.
‘Kim gi-hun -> Chae ji-jun -> Kim dong-sung -> An hyun-su’ is the genealogy of the men, and ‘Kim so-hee -> Jeon yi-gyeong -> Jin seon-yu’ is the genealogy of the women.
Second, it has Archery. Archery is one of the Olympic sports that creates a lot of interest. Peculiarly, the Korea Women Archery Team has had seven straight victories from the 1988 Seoul olympics to the 2004 Athens olympics. Individual sport, also had six straight victories from the 1984 Los Angeles olympics to the 2004 Athens olympics. Althought This trend was broken in the 2008 Beijing olympics, Ki bo-bae national player returned gold medal in 2012 London olympics.
Besides, Son yeon-jae of rhythmic gymnastics, Yang hak-sun of gymnastics, Lee song-ha of speed skating…etc
There are many enormous sports star in korea.

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4. Discussion Questions
1. Who do you think is the most famous Korean sport star?
2. Do you know the reason why they are so famous?
3. What lessons do you get from them?

5. class #27, Group #3
Group member’s names- 이광근, 남궁영주, 안득주, 김혁래


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