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November 12, 2013

Note on Class #147

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* Group 4 –> nothing

* Group 8 –> incomplete


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  1. 1. class # 147, group # 6 members’ names 노지원 박혜수 정윤혜 조재민

    2. Glossary (vocabulary)
    [1] feature : A feature of something is an interesting or important part or characteristic of it.
    [2] mellow : Mellow is used to describe things that have a pleasant, soft, rich colour, usually red, orange, yellow, or brown.
    [3] sovereign : (adj) A sovereign state or country is independent and not under the authority of any other country
    [4] suggestion : A suggestion is something that a person says which implies that something is the case.
    [5] calypso : A calypso is a song about a current subject, sung in a style which originally comes from the West Indies.
    [6] percussion : Percussion instruments are musical instruments that you hit, such as drums.
    [7] wind instrument : A wind instrument is a musical instrument that you blow into in order to produce sounds, such as a flute, a clarinet, or a recorder.

    3. Text
    Hello, we are group 6, and our presentation is about ‘Global music’. Do you know other countries’s music? There are a lot of countries ( Korea, India, Africa, Brazil ) Many countries have music, and the music has different features. I will talk about global music’s feature to you.
    Korean music has ‘한’., ‘한’ is feeling , for example sad, worry, angry. Typical Korea music is ‘판소리’. Usually 2 people make music. One person sings stories. The other person plays drum to rhythm. When One person sings, she takes many people’s sound.

    Brazil music is very exciting. So It is very popular and famous. Especially, Samba and Bossa nova are very famous. Samba is sung and danced Negro and Latin america people. It has 2/4 rhythm. It is very fast and passional. Bossa nova is music from samba. And bossa nova is more mellow than samba.

    Africa musics have many various type (Ethiopia, Madagascar, etc). Many various Africa musics’s common feature is they are played sansa. Sansa is thumb piano. This is very small instrument. Africa music is very simple melody and rhythm. And It has repeated melody. So many people sing easily.

    Hi I’m Jiwon and I will introduce a few music genres. There are many kinds of music genre. Pop song, reggae, classic, Hip-hop, Latin music, Rock music, country music, Jazz music and so on.
    Most popular music genre is Pop song. First of pop songs are Yankee Doodle. It is march, sung by U.S. military at the time of Revolutionary War. Since, pop songs changed according to flow of trend. Today, pop songs have many other feature. Some of them are focus on brilliant performance and strong addictive melody. And some of them are focus on powerful voice and singing ability. And there are many things so on.
    Second, Reggae. Reggae music is from Jamaica. Unique strong-weak beats are Reggae’s outstanding feature. Reggae music is mix of calypso and rock. And sound accompaniment consist of drum, percussion, organ, guitar. Reggae musicians have common unusual feature. Their hair is in long braids down and some have long beards
    Third, classical music is art music rooted in the traditions of Western music. And it has a stringed musical instrument, wind instrument, woodwind instruments, percussion and so on.

    There are types of classical music sonata, symphony, opera and canon etc.

    When you think about each country, representative singers will come in to one’s mind.

    Nowadays, Psy is a famous singer in Korea. His song, Gangnam Style became a global sensation. His music video for “Gangnam Style” exceeded 1 billion views on YouTube.
    Bob Marley was a Jamaican reggae singer who achieved international fame and acclaim. He made a unique music that combination of America and Jamaica music form.[3] He believe that love and music could heal the wounded world.

    Do you know Rihanna? Many people think she comes from America, but it is wrong. She comes from Barbados.[4] Barbados is a sovereign island country in the Lesser Antilles. Maybe you have heard Rihanna more than Barbados.
    The United States have a lot of famous singers like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Usher, Jason Mraz and so on. There are so many singers, it’s hard to choose a representative singer.

    Nowadays music has become globally universal.
    People can listen to music whenever and wherever through the various media from all over the world.
    By the way if you want to understand music well, you have to know the stream of music.
    Stream of music can be categorized with primitive, medieval and modern music.
    First, primitive music occurred related to a religious rite and physical education event.
    In ancient Egypt, they used a harp, a trumpet, drums and so on.

    In ancient Greece, they used a lyre· a cithara. And in ancient Rome, they used a pipe organ and·a brass etc.
    Second, the sacred music by Christianity became the center of medieval music.
    During this period, medieval music features fluid rhythm.
    Third, modern early music arose between the end of the 19th century and the First World War.
    In Modern early music, you can listen to impressionistic music and expressionistic music.
    Impressionistic music focuses on suggestion and mood.
    Meanwhile, expressionistic music implies extreme inner excitement, tension and fantasy.
    In our globalized modern era, popular music genre emerged shared by almost all countries.
    Popular music means a form of music which is spread through mass media.
    It is contrasted with a traditional music or an art music.
    For example, there are jazz, hip-hop, blues, rock and roll, fork music, new age music, teuroteu popular music.
    And it is famous all around the world.

    4. References

    5. Discussion Questions
    [1] If you could be a singer, which genre would you choose?
    [2] Which countries music do you like? Why?
    [3] Who’s your favorite singer? Why?
    [4] What music do you think is trendy nowadays?

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