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November 12, 2013

This is Hip-hop

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1. Glossary

Improvise : to play music or say words that you are inventing, not reading or remembering.
Racial : relating to people’s race. ( Race: one of the groups that people are divided into according to their physical characteristics)
Discrimination : when someone is treated unfairly because of their sex, race, religion, etc.
Anonymity : when someone’s name is not given or known.
Strenuous : using or needing a lot of effort.
Gymnastics : a sport in which you do physical exercises on the floor and on different pieces of equipment, often in competitions.

2. Text

Hi. this time we wanna talk about Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is an art form which began in harlem of New york City in the late 1970s,[1] and The word “Hip-Hop” was originated from “hip hopping” and it means “hip shaking”.[2] At that time, Hip-Hop was just enjoyed by Hispanics and Blacks. But nowadays, Hip-Hop is no longer limited to Blacks and Hispanics. There are plenty of Hip-Hop loving people in the world regardless of age, nation, gender and race.

Hip-Hop is consists of Hip-Hop music, Dance and Graffiti. First, we will introduce Hip-Hop music to you. Hip-Hop music can be categorized into two main sub-genres; Rapping and DJing.[3] The most well-known thing about Hip-Hop is absolutely Rapping As you know, Rapping is “Speaking rhyming lyrics”. in other words, Rapping is formed with content, rhyme, rhythm, and delivery.[4] For example, Saying this sentence rhythmically. “I put my orange, in four inch ,door hinge, storage.”

Rappers can also be called Microphone controllers, or MCs.[5] Hip-Hop’s Hometown is USA so there are many famous rappers from there. Among them, Jay-Z is the most famous rapper. He has had hit songs such as “Empire state of mind” and “Run this town”. He is also notable as Beyonce’s husband.[6] Another well-known Rapper ,Eminem, has had hit songs such as “Stan” and “love the way you lie.” also he acted as main character in the Hip-Hop movie “8 mile”.[7]
In Korea, Accessibility to Hip-Hop has been increasing and raps are increasing popularity. For this reason, some korean rappers has been getting famous. For example, The group ‘Drunken Tiger’ has many hit singles like ‘Monster’ and ‘Good life’. [8] Another group ‘Dynamic Duo’ is also famous for hit songs like ‘Ring my bell’, and ‘Chul-Check’.[9]

Rapping & DJing

Disk Jockeying or Djing is another Sub-Genre of Hip-Hop music. Originally, DJing is used not only for Hip-Hop, but also for other musics. So, the word DJing we are using now is Hip-Hop DJing. DJing means producing Hip-Hop songs or mixing different more than two songs into one song in an improvised way. Most DJs show their performances at clubs and in the street with DJ instruments like turntable, DJ mixer and CD or LP(Long Playing Record).[10] Because DJing also started in USA, the largest number of famous DJs are in there. ’DJ Premier’ and ‘Will.I.Am’ the member of Hip-Hop group ‘Black Eyed Peas“ are two of them. In Korea, there are some well-known Hip-Hop DJs like ‘Primary’ and ‘DJ Tukutz’ who is the member of the group ‘Epik High’.


Our next topic is “Graffiti” which is another aspect of Hip-Hop, It is an activity in which you paint a picture on a wall, using color paints and spray cans. There are several kinds of subject material in graffiti. the first materials are famous person or characters. this graffiti called “Imitation painting.” Some graffitists painting about social messages like racial discrimination, rich-poor gap and so on. this graffiti called “Social words”. Another material for graffiti is their own names. put their own names on a wall and decorate those things. this graffiti called “Tagging”
But because graffiti is not standardized activity, Not only above things but also a lot of things can be materials of graffiti. Even if Hip-Hop friendly people call it ‘art’, many people call it ‘crime’. Actually, some graffiti works has become social problem. these damaging cultural assets or making public facilities dirty. so, almost every country has prohibited and punished unauthorized graffiti.[11] In most cases, graffiti workers choose anonymity. but some graffiti workers gained a reputation for their brilliant works. One example is “Keith Haring”. He had painted humorous and creative pictures on New York streets. Although he died in 1990, his works are still popular with many people and made into a lot of commodities.[12]


The last thing included in Hip-Hop is ‘B-Boying’. ‘B-Boying’ is a name of Hip-Hop dance which showing strenuous, difficult moves. In early 1970, Hip-Hop DJs used to repeat a middle of song, and some people dance to that sounds. This was the beginning of B-Boying. Specifically, B-Boying has four steps. First step is ‘Toprock’. In this step, Dancers introduce themselves by doing dance steps while stand on. Second step is ‘Downrock’, In this step, Dancers prepare difficult moves by doing dance steps while placing their hand on a ground. Third step is ‘Powermove’, In this step, Dancers do strenuous moves such as spinning their body. It is a climax of B-Boying. Fourth step is ‘Freeze’. This step is perfection of B-Boying. Dancers finish their performance by holding a wonderful positions. As B-Boying has been developed, martial arts and gymnastics moves were fused with B-Boying. So, today’s B-Boying is more various than before.[13]

That is what we have prepared so far.
Thank you so much for listen our presentation.

3. References


4. Discussion Questions

① Among Hip-Hop’s aspects (Musics, Dance, Graffiti) , which one do you like most and why?
② What do you think about Graffiti, is it crime or art?
③ Who’s your favorite Korean rapper? and why?

5. class #, group #, and group member’s names

Class number : 147 , Group number : 6,Members : Kang jin-gyu , Kim jun, Yoon hong-min

Glossary+Text = Kang jin-gyu,
References+Text = Kim jun,
Discussion Questions+Text = Yoon hong-min


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