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November 12, 2013

Topic : Inha University’s hidden restaurants

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Presenter : Kim dong hwan, Lee kyu min, and Kim jae geom

Our presentation is about Inha University’s hidden restaurants. There are three main kinds of hidden restaurants. They are Restaurant, Dessert cafe and Pub.


First, Meal restaurants that we chose are ‘Didimee’, ‘Chi-en’ and ‘Jung-il-pum’.
Didimee’s main dish is ‘pork cutlet’. Didimee is located right side of culture street. Didimee is famous pork cutlet restaurant in INHA university student. Because Didimee’s pork cutlet menu items are not simple like other pork cutlet. Didimee have many diverse pork cutlet menu items. For example onion pizza- pork cutlet, sweet potato cheese roll- pork cutlet, kimchi cheese roll- pork cutlet and so on. Especially I recommend sweet potato cheese roll- pork cutlet, because I think its taste is best of Didimee’s pork cutlet menu items. Pork cutlet so crispy and so sweet because of sweet potato. And rolling the pork cutlet is easy to eat. but Didimee’s price is a little expensive. So you can’t usually eat Didimee’s pork cutlet but if you want to eat pork cutlet I recommend Didimee restaurant.
And, Chi-en’s main menu item is ‘Sweet-and-sour pork.’ ‘Chi-en’ is famous of many delicious foods. But many students don’t know this restaurant. Because it is located on two floor ‘Yoger presso’ building. Moreover, it is smaller than others restaurants. So it doesn’t have enough space for students. I think the best delicious food in Chi-en restaurant is ‘sweet-and-sour pork.’ This food is made by pork, carrot, and so on. Its taste is sweet and spicy. Whoever eats this food, they can’t forget this food.
Last, Jung-il-pum’s main dishes are ‘cabbage bundle’ and ‘kimchi stew.’ Jung-il-pum’s exterior is ordinary and old style. But it popular with many inha university students because of its taste. It located in game room alley and buildings seconds floor. So many students don’t know where it is Jung-il-pum served a very various food lick chicken, noodle and so on at lunch time and dinner time. But, Jung-il-pum always serve ‘a cabbage bundle’ and ‘a kimchi stew’ as a main food. And many students love this taste, so they visit Jung-il-pum often. In my case, I like to go Jung-il-pum because of its cheap price and delicious taste.


Seconds, we will show dessert restaurants. Dessert restaurants that we recommended are ‘Café once’, ‘Abby road’ and ‘Snow spoon’
Café Once’s famous dessert is ‘coffee’. Once is located in front of Sin-jun tteokbokki and next to Dauri restaurant. Once is diverse kind of coffee, like Americano, cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe mocha. And Once also sell other beverage like mint chocolate, misut powder and so on. There are Many kind of coffee & beverage, especially I recommend iced-americno in Once café. Because I think Once’s iced Americano is taste good and cheaper than other franchis’s iced Americano. So you want to drink iced Americano or other beverage, I recommend the café Once.
Abby road’s main dessert is Fruit juice named ‘drug juice’. Recently, Abby road is moved near game room. This restaurant is look like just other cafes. But it sells drug juice. Drug juice is named by students. Because students are addiction to Abby road’s juice. Every student is satisfied of this juice taste. Abby road provides many kinds of fruit juice and mixed juice. If you have not been there, you should go there someday.
And, Snow spoon’s main dessert is a kind of ice cream called ‘Gelato’Snow spoon is a café that sell delicious homemade ice-cream. Snow spoon is located in nearby Inha university’s culture street. Snow spoon sell ‘gelato’ that mixed with cheese cake or tiramisu and ‘pure yogart ice-cream’. Especially, ‘gelato’ is famous desert. Its price is little more expensive than Beskin Rabins 31 but, Its taste is very deep and sweet. So, people who eat this desert can’t forget the taste.


Last, Pubs that we recommended are ‘Gasibusi’, ‘Yongubeer’ and ‘Inha-bindaedduck’Gasibusi’s main menu items are ‘Makuli’ and ‘Korean kimchi omelette’.
Gasibusi is traditional pub sell various Korean drink and Korean omelette called ‘Zun’ and so on. It located in Inha university culture street’s restaurants alley. gasibusi is good place to make good time with a friends because of traditional style and Its calm mood. There are various traditional drink and food, and they are pretty delicious and famous. But, I recommend you to have ‘Makuli’ and ‘Korean kimchi omelette’ when you go there. Especially, Gasibusi’s makuli have special flavor because Gasibusi make homemade style makuli. Not only because of traditional style of gasibusi, but also because of its special taste so I recommend this pub.
Yongubeer’s our favorite menu items are ‘Cheese stick’ and ‘Cream beer’. Yongubeer is pub. Yongubeer is located near mini stop. Yongubeer’s famous menu items are ‘Cheese stick’ and ‘Cream beer’. Many people like Yongubeer’s cream beer and cheese stick. Yongubeer’s Cream beer is refill the cream. So if you like cream in cream beer, you can refill the cream. And Yongubeer’s cheese stick is different size, as you know ordinary cheese stick. Yongubeer’s cheese stick have plenty of cheese, so we used the scissors for cutting the cheese stick. If you like cream beer and cheese stick, I recommend Yongubeer.
And, Inha-bindaedduck’s main dishes are ‘Korean bean omelette’ and ‘Soju’. Many people doesn’t know this restaurant because it is located on far from school. Its merit is cheaper and good quantities than others. It has the best set menu item named ‘Inha set’. Inha set is amazing size of food look like a costco pizza and composed of many different kinds of Korean bean omelette. It’s good match with soju. Visit this restaurant and enjoy these foods.
This is the end of our presentation.
Thank you for your attention to our presentation.

Class number : 147, Group member : Kim dong hwan, Lee gue min, Kim jae gyeom.

Group #3

Discussion Questions.
1. How do you think the most delicious restaurants in your presentation?
2. Do you think the Chi-en’s menu items are spicy?
3. What do you think the cheapest restaurants in Inha restaurants?


@ Discussion questions

1. What do you like kind of food in yongu beer’s menu?

2. What is your favorite kind of ice cream in snowspoon’s dessert?

3. If you wanted to make mixed-fruit juice, what kind of fruits would you want to mix?

@ Glossary

Sour : having a sharp, sometimes unpleasant, taste or smell, like a lemon.

Bundle : a number of things that are tied together.

Cutlet : a small piece of meat still joined to the bone.

Stew : a dish made of vegetables and meat cooked together slowly in liquid.

Omelette : a food made with eggs that have been mixed and fried, often with other foods added.


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