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November 12, 2013

Travel in Korea

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1. Marinate: to add a mixture of oil, wine, herbs, etc to food before cooking it.
2. Ferment: If food or drink ferments, or if you ferment it, the sugar in it changes into alcohol because of a chemical process.
3. Lactobacillus: any Gram-positive rod-shaped bacterium of the genus Lactobacillus, which ferments carbohydrates to lactic acid, for example in the souring of milk.
4. Immunity: when you are immune, especially to disease or from legal action:
5. Affinity: If you have an affinity with someone or something, you feel that you are similar to them or that you know and understand them very well


Today we are going to presentation about traveling in Korea.

travel spot

First I am going to talk about where you should go if you want to travel in Korea. The best place to go is Jeju Island. It lies on the southeast of Korea. On Jeju Island, you can enjoy the view of seaside and if you are interested in animals, you can find a kind of pigs which are black. And there is a convenience for foreigners. You can go to Jeju Island without a visa for 30 days but of course a passport is necessary. After enjoying the beauty of nature in Jeju Island, you can’t miss Seoul which is completely different from Jeju Island, the capital of Korea. Here in Seoul, you can find big malls all around. A good place to go shopping is Myeong dong. You can find clothes, shoes and so on which are in the top fashion. Just beside Myeong dong is N Seoul Tower. On the top of the tower, you can enjoy the scenery of Seoul from a different point of view. If you get tired of high buildings and shopping malls. You may go to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. You can find old Korean buildings there. And it is also a good chance to study some Korean traditional cultures which remained for hundreds of years.


Second, we’ll introduce Korean food. In Korea, there are many delicious foods. We will introduce bulgogi, kimchi, makgeolli and bibimbap as a representative. Bulgogi is a Korean traditional food which is grilled marinated beef with sauce. It is a Korean food like most foreigners the sauce, to make using soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and garlic… In recent years, many fast-food restaurants in South Korea are serving the bulgogi burger, bulgogi pizza. Kimchi is a fermented food which is made of vegetables with many seasonings. The main ingredients of kimchi are: cabbage, chili pepper powder, garlic, etc. Mainly it is eaten as a side dish and is used in various cuisines. It is eaten with every Korean meal. Kimchi little spicy, but good health is rich in lactic acid bacteria. Makgeolli is a Korean traditional alcoholic beverage which is made from fermented grain. It is good for your health because there are many lactobacillus in it but bad for your health if you drink too much. A taste is a little different because it is made in a few different ways in each region. People eat Korean pancake called pajeon or bindaeddeok. Bibimbap is a traditional dish of Korea. The word literally means “mixed rice”. It is made up of rice and various ‘namul'(seasoned boiled vegetable), gochujang (chili pepper paste), etc. Taste of the material produce a harmony special taste. Bibimbap was also the king of Joseon dynasty eats often. In recent years, sometimes several airline to provide bibimbap in-flight meals. These are popular Korean food is very good. Everyone to come to Korea, try to eat delicious food

special product

Finally, we’ll present about Korea’s special product. Korea’s ceramics are beautiful because of its special shine and line. Korea’s ceramics are started from China, but after 10th century, their look seemed different from China. China’s ceramics need to put some exaggerated decorations to get good look, but Korea’s ceramics didn’t need to put exaggerated decorations to get good look because of special glaze. The skill to make Korea’s ceramics is passed down the people called intangible cultural asset, so we can learn this skill or see how make them in Korea now. Ginseng is the thing that exported when Goryeo Kingdom and helped to make Korea’s English name. Its name is because of its look, it looks like human. if it gets old, its effect is better than young. Its effect is to make our body warm and improve our immunity. In first time, Ginseng could not be cultivated, but Goryeo make it able to cultivate first. So its main specialties of Goryeo, it announced Goryeo to many countries. Now other countries also make Ginseng but their effect can’t follow Korea’s. Laver is a food that made of some kind of seaweeds. Many place of Korea make laver but laver from Wando Island is special because Wando’s sea is so clean and laver from this sea is so fresh. Other countries or example, japan makes laver too, but our laver is so superior to them that it exported to that countries. It is used to cover rice and other side dishes and eat; the famous food related with laver is Gimbap. West may think it is crazy to eat rice with seaweeds, but laver with rice and side dishes’ affinity is wonderful

Except for Our presentation, there are good things in Korea. Travel in Korea will be special experience for you. Come to Korea please~~





Class #27, Group #7, Members’ names: 박종영 박준석 이성진 연진우


1. Do you like traveling? Why or why not?
2. What do you think is the best food in Korea. Why?
3. What specialities would you give to a foreigner as a present? Why?



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