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November 13, 2013

Canadian Travel Spot

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Our topic is Candian Travel spots.
Canada is a hot spot today because of the Vancouver olympics.
There are many places and tourist attractions for sight seeing.
We want to introduce some of them.


First, We should introduce Naiagara falls.
Naiagara is a famous place. Though you don’t know about canada well.
It is a place borderings Ontario canada and New york U.S.A.
It height is 53m and length is 790m.
It’s always full of mist caused by the great falls. It’s a superb natural landscape.
If you want to go, you can get there by bus from Toronto.


Next, we want to introduce the lake Louise int Canadian Rockies.
It’s a lake in Banff National Park in Alberta.
From Banff to Louise is 60km away, so you can get there in an hour by car.
It was named Lake Emerald Green, and after the pincess louise the daughter of queen Victoria get there, It named Lake Louise.
It’s one of the top 10 landscape in the world.
It has mountains covered by white snow and ice named Victoria Glacier Mountains.
You can see the great landscape, the Mountains and the Mountains reflected in the lake.
More than 2million tourist go there to see the landscape.

And then, We will introduce Whistler-blackcomb
Whistler is famous place in Canada. Whistler hold Vancouver Olympic with Vancouver. Whistler is 125Km far from Vancouver. In whistler, whistler-blackcomb resort is most famous travel spot. Whistler-blackcomb resort is the best resort in North America. There are many interesting activity.
We can enjoy ski, mountain bike, heli ski, museum, wake board, and peak 2 peak gondola. In winter, we can ski. And in summer, we can ride mountain bike . peak 2 peak gondola is long gondola from whistler to blackcomb. It takes just 11minutes from whistler to blackcomb.

After whitler, we want to present Montreal
Montreal is a city in the canadian province of Quebec. It it’s the second largest French-speaking city in the world so you can see many French-style buildings. Montreal has an old section of the city and a new section of the a city, so Montreal has many interesting things to see in the city.
There are Basilica Notre-Dame in montreal’s old section of a city. It’s exterior view is somewhat normal, so you disappoint it. but It’s interior view is very magnificent. If you go to the inside, you can see the light shows.
Landscape : The landscape is everything you can see when you look across an area of land, including hills,rivers,buildings,trees,and plants
Glacier : A glacier is an extemely large mass of ice which moves very slowly, often down a mountain valley
Gondola : A gondola is a long narrow boat that is used especially in Venice. It has a flat bottom and curves upwards at both ends. A person stands at one end of the boat and uses a long pole to move and steer it
province : A province is a large section of a country which has its own administration.
magnificent : If you say that something or someone is magnificent, you mean that you think they are extremely good, beautiful, or impressive.

Discussion question
1. where do you want to go first if you go Canada?
-why you want to go there?
2. Where do you want to go last if you go Canada?
-why you want to go there?
3. Do you want to go for trip any other country?
-why you want to go there?


Class #27, Group #4, Members’ names:

Ahn Tae-yong, Choi Jae-yoo, Joo Yong-joon, Jeong Oo-taek


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