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November 13, 2013

Kinds of Ghosts

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1. afflict : If you are afflicted by pain, illness, or disaster, it affects you badly and makes you suffer.
2. betray : to behave in a dishonest or cruel way to someone who trusts you
3. concave : A surface that is concave curves inwards in the middle
4. coffin : A coffin is a box in which a dead body is buried
5. suck : If you suck something, you hold it in your mouth and pull at it with the muscles in your cheeks and tongue, for example in order to get liquid out of it

We will present about ghosts Because we thought ghost is intersting topic. We will present four kinds of ghosts ; Vampire, Kappa, Maiden ghost, and Gang si

vampires orginated from romania.[1] vampires are dead people who suck the blood of a living people. they have body, and look like people. but they have long and bent nails and their skin are red and tight. they sleep in a coffin during the day and get up at night to suck the blood of people who sleep in bed.
sucking the blood, they extend their life. people who are sucked by vampire are changed into vampire. vampire can transform into animals and adjust their size freely. Vampire have ageless ability because they are corpse. Commonly, corpse has phenomenon of decomposition but they haven’t this phenomenon. [2] Vampire movie is ‘Twilight’. This movie is not scary vampire movie but fantasy romance movie. Edward loves Bella. Bella know that Edward is vampire but she love Edward . So they fall in love


Kappa is a legendary of Japan. Its habitat is mostly river, lake and sea. It has the body of a frog and shell of a turtle and it is the size of a child. Kappa swims very well and can’t live without water. Kappa sucks bloods of other animals by dragging them through. Cucumber are their favorite food.[4] They have 3 fingers and webbed feet. They have bowl hair cut. Their heads have a concave depression. Kappa have a dish on its head. And it contains water. If water gets dried, Kappa will die because of thirst. Two arms are connected. if you pull on one arm, the other arm will come out.[5] Associated movie with Kappa is ‘Summer Days with Coo’. Koichi brings miraculous stone when he is going home.
After washing his stone, Kappa wakes up. Koichi named Kappa ‘Coo’ . They live together. But disturbance is occurred because Coo’s existent is known to world. Finally Coo says that he wants to come back to Kappa’s world with his peer.[6]

maiden ghost

3.Maiden ghost
Maiden ghost originated from South korea. Maiden ghost means unmarried dead women. She loved a man but her love was betrayed. And she wanted to solve grudge. So she went to the judge. Judge punished a man ruthlessly. But her grudge is not solved. [7] So She afflicted people who get married in this world.[8] Her face is pale and very beautiful. She is dressed in white hanbok. And her hair is long and straight hair. Sometimes she bleed on the mouth.[9] Maiden ghost movie is ‘the evil twin’. One day Two sisters fall into the water. But only the older sister survived. Because The older sister use her sister as a stepping-stone . After 10 years, the younger sister appeared. she had resentment so killed her older sister and the villagers.[10]

gang si

gang-si appear in chinese legends. they are dead people but open their coffin and get out of the coffin. they have strong power and long hair on the entire body. gang-si is the most horrible ghost to people. they look like people but they killed and eat people and bring disaster. they suck the blood of people but they are different from vampire. they kill people and cut head and suck all the blood. Sometimes, not only people but also animals can transformed into gang-si. The surest way to get rid of gang-si is burning them. [11] they enter into their coffin during the day but at night, they open their coffin and get around actively. [12] There are many movie about gang-si. Gang-si teacher was produced in 1985. In movie, A teacher and two students go to grave site. In the process of digging the grave, dead people revive as a gang-si and frighten whole town. Finally People burned them. This movie is scary but sometimes comedic[13]


4.Discussion Questions
1. Do you believe ghosts?
2. What’s your favorite ghost? / why?
3. what’s your favorite horror movie? / why?
4. have you ever seen a ghost? / when?

5. Class #117 , Group #3
group members’ names: 안정수, 박정윤, 김다솔, 이진솔


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