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November 13, 2013

Korean Money

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Class #117, Group #5


1. Forgery – Forgery is the crime of forging money, documents, orpaintings.

2. portray – When an actor or actress portrays someone, he or she plays that person in a play or film.

3. stereoscopic – of, concerned with, or relating to seeing space three-dimensionally as a result of binocular disparity

4. expansion – Expansion is the process of becoming greater in size, number, or amount.

5. intaglio – a seal, gem, etc, ornamented with a sunken or incised design, as opposed to a design in relief Compare cameo


Members : 이호준, 임현석, 최규림, 이상열

Hello, everyone! we are group 5. we will present about Korean Money.

We will talk about the history of Korean money first. Modern style Korean

money was started in 1966. In those days, 1won and 5won existed and units of

money were low. But year after year, as inflation went high, the Central bank

made new types of bills that are used presently. So, In these days, We can see

4 kinds of bills which are 1000won, 5000won, 10000won, and 50000won. We can

also find 4 kinds of coins which are 10won, 50won, 100won, and 500won. These

currencies are made by the Korea Mint Corporation and the quantity of money

is decided by the Central bank.

kinds of money

[1]Now, we will talk about the main currency which we using presently. Do you

know the cost of making money? Normally, one bill’s cost is lower than

100won though it differs by the unit of money. However, coin’s cost is not the

same case by case. Because value of coin is lower the value of bill. Even,

10won coin’s cost is more than triple of its value. It means when the Central

bank makes 10won coin, it losses more than 20won.

1000won was issued in 1975, and 2 times changed graphics. New 1000won’s

color is blue. This bill portrays the great man Teogye Lee Hwang,

Myeonryundang, plum blossom, etc.

5000 won was issued in 1972, and 3 times changed graphics. New 5000won’s

color is reddish yellow. This bill portrays the great man Yulgok Yiyi, Ojukheon

and Ojuk, etc.

10000 won was issued in 1973, and it also changed graphics 3 times.

10000won’s color is green. This bill portrays the great man King Sejong,

a celestial globe, etc.

50000 won was issued in 2009, the color is yellow. this bill portrays the

great woman Shin Saimdang, wolmeado, etc.



The biggest feature of this bill has prevention of forgery device. this device

consists of Strip-hologram, stereoscopic exposed portion silver line, horizontal

expansion sentence number, filter type latent, extruded silver, hidden pictures,

raised printing, intaglio latent image, ink color conversion, front and back

alignment, fine characters, endless pattern, rainbow print , hidden silver line,

fluorescent ink & gifts, etc.


Currencies models are listed in Teogye lee Hwang, Yulgok, King Sejong, and

Shin Saimdang. Reason for selecting these models is “The pattern of public

opinion and the opinion of experts from various fields by taking a

comprehensive political, economic, social, cultural and ethnic look at in each

area of the country to chose which symbols to adopt to represent the country.


Discussion Question
1. If we were to make a 100000won bill, who would be the most appropiate person? and why?
2. Do you thnk we need a 100000won bil? and why?
3. How much money do you reeive as a gift on new year’s day?

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