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November 13, 2013

The Cruel Stories

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1) Glossary
* cruelty: cruel behavior or a cruel action.
* fairy tales: a traditional story written for children that usually involves imaginary creatures and magic.
* enchantress: a woman with magical powers.
* synopsis: a short description of the contents of something such as a film or book.
* reversal: the act of changing or making something change to its opposite.

2) Text
We know many fairy tales that have happy ending and are beautiful stories.
But… Are you familiar with cruel fairy tales?
From now on, we will tell you about these.


1. Rapunzel
First of all, we will introduce the story of “Rapunzel”
I’ll tell the synopsis to you.
A childless couple who wanted a chid lived in a walled garden which belonged to an enchantress.
The wife, at long last pregnant noticed rapunzel, planted in the garden.
The Husband stole rapunzel for his wife.
And they named their baby “rapunzel”
However, the enchantress was angry at the couple because it was her garden.
So, when Rapunzel reached her twelfth year, the witch kidnapped rapunzel, and locked up her into a tower with neither stairs nor door, and only one room and one window.
One day, a prince passed near the tower, and was attracted to her.
but, they couldn’t meet because the tower that didn’t have stairs or a door.
Finally, he climbed the tower using braids of her hair and he proposed to Rapunzel.[1]
This story has a beautiful happy ending.
but the story has a scary version.
In fact, the enchantress has resentment to man.
The witch and the kidnapped rapunzel worked together as a group.
Rapunzel lured the men using her beautiful voice.
And then Rapunzel and The enchantress ate the men.
One day, A younger prince passed near the tower and heard the gorgeous Rapunzel’s voice. he was attracted to her.
A prince met her everyday, so Rapunzel fell in love with him.
soon, she got pregnant. the witch was angry to know this fact.
The witch cut rapunzel’s long, blond hair and abandoned rapunzel in the forest.
After, the witch attached rapunzel’s hair to her.
The prince climbed the tower because he saw rapunzel’s hair.
As soon as he climbed the tower, the witch pulled out his two eyeballs.[2]


2. The Red Shoes
Let me introduce .
Before, I’ll tell you the general story. A girl who liked Red wanted to get princess’ red shoes, but she and her mother were very poor. Then, a shoemaker gave red shoes to her. When the girl’s mother passed away, the girl didn’t have black shoes. So she went to the funeral while wearing the red shoes. An old woman thought it’s strange, she asked the girl, “Why did you put on red shoes and not black shoes?” Girl said, “Because I can’t buy black shoes.” The old woman felt pity, she adopted the girl. The old woman give some money to the girl to buy black shoes for mass, but the girl bought another pair of red shoes. She went to church while wearing red shoes, and was criticized by people in church. One of them, a soldier, said “That’s nice dance shoes!” Then, her red shoes danced by themselves. She took off the shoes barely, and vowed to not do that next time. One day, the old woman was sick in bed. The girl should watch her, but she wanted to go a party. At last, the girl went to the party while wearing new red shoes. When she enjoyed the party, Suddenly, her feet dance by themselves again. She wandered street with dance for a few days, and saw the old woman’s funeral. In her sadness the girl met a lumberjack, asked cut her feet off. After that, she amend her way of living.[3]
In original story, the girl lied to the old woman “This shoes are black.” Red shoes mean desire, impious thing. So the soldier put a curse on her shoes. the curse is that she dance till death. It’s a punishment for cheating god. This story is not just fairytale, but religious story. One day, the girl saw her feet danced alone. she regretted her sin, and got let-off.[4] In another story, the red shoes were, in fact, red-hot shoes. It means the shoes are punishment suffering her forever.


3. Cinderella
I will present about Cinderella story.
Most people know the general story.
Cinderella has stepmother and two sisters.
They tormented Cinderella.
One day there was s ball in the hometown.
Cinderella wanted to go to the ball.
But stepmother gave her order in a heavy-handed manner.
so Cinderella was disappointed and sad.
But good fairy helped Cinderella go to the ball.
Cinderella went to the ball wearing a beautiful dress.
At the ball Cinderella met a prince. they loved at first sight. and they danced.
But Cinderella’s time to go home was at midnight. because Cinderella’s magic would end at midnight.
Cinderella’s shoes fell off as she ran.
so prince picked up the shoes and found Cinderella.[5]
these story is general story. so I will present cruel fairytales about Cinderella
In another version of the story,
the prince was trying to find Cinderella so he looked in all villages.
then the prince went to the Cinderella’s home.
The prince had two sisters put on the shoes.
But The shoes did not fit them.
so stepmother chopped their feet in shoes made to fit.
that’s very cruel!
and there was a dove. the dove always protected Cinderella.
the dove thought Cinderella was poor.
so the dove dug out two sisters’s eyes.
so the sisters went blind.[6]
these story many people do not know the story of Cinderella.
Interestingly, I wanted a new story telling you, many people did not know.
I want to you feel interested.
thank you.

4. Hansel and Gretel
‘Hansel and Gretel’ is a story about a brother and sister who are kidnapped by a witch. Hansel and Gretel lost their way by their stepmother’s lure.And they found candy house that the witch live in.
At first, the witch tempted hansel and gretel to come in. and later, she kept hansel and gretel from going out of the house.
but as a result, hansel and gretel push the witch in a fire pot. and they make good their escape.
this is a well-known story we know generally.
but ‘hansel and gretel’ has an unknown scary version we didn’t know.
first version is as follows.
hansel and gretel were competent bakers in royal palace.
but woman baker who live in a forest became famous and gains popularity, the woman baker was drawn out in royal palace.hansel and gretel tried to steal the woman baker’s secret process of baking because they don’t want to be expelled from royal palace.[7]
but it was end in failure. inevitably, hansel and gretel invaded in the woman baker’s house quietly, and they pushed the woman baker in a fire pot.
and second version is as follows.
everyday, hansel and gretel bullied the woman who live in a forest because the woman has ugly face like witch.
because of continuous bullying, one day the woman got the angry to hansel and gretel. hansel and gretel were very angry at the woman’s resentment. so they spread a rumor to villagers that the witch is live in a forest. villagers who heard that rumor wnet to the forest which the woman live in. and they pushed the woman in a fire pot.[8]

3) References

4) Discussion Questions
1. If you were the witch in the cruel version of the story of Hansel and Gretel,
how would you feel?
2. Which do you prefer general stories or cruel fairy tales?
3. Which of the 4 cruel stories did you like best?

5) Class #117, Group 4
12132255 김 가현
12132327 박 희은
12132282 김 유라
12132256 김 강태

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